Airline pilot to address Aero Club


        Capt. Billy Walker, a retired senior airline pilot/test pilot who was inducted into the Arizona Aviation Hall of Fame this Spring, will be featured speaker at the Sun Lakes Aero Club meeting Monday, May 16 at the Sun Lakes Country Club.  The meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. with coffee and camaraderie, followed by Walker’s presentation at 7 p.m.  The public is invited to attend.


          Born into an aviation family, Walker soloed on his 16th birthday.  His airline career began in 1967 with Frontier Airlines, where he spent two decades.  His tour with Frontier was interrupted in 1971-72 when he flew CV-440s from Phnom Penh, Cambodia while on assignment with CIA’s


          Walker is rated in numerous transport aircraft and has flown more than 250 types of civilian and military aircraft, ranging from hot air balloons to the Airbus A-320. In addition to Frontier, Walker has worked for Jet Blue Airways, America West Airlines, and several smaller aircraft companies.  He was awarded the Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award by the FAA in May, 2008 recognizing  pilots who have conducted 50 or more consecutive years of safe flight operations.




The Stearman



          Walker currently flies a WWII Boeing Model 75 Stearman in airshows around Arizona, Nevada and California. He flies both lead and wingman.