Aero Club members to hear about  unsolved airline Hijacking…..


          Sun Lakes Aero Club member Roy King will give a presentation on the legendary D. B. Cooper hijack case at the club’s meeting  Monday, November 21 at the Sun Lakes Country Club. The meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. with coffee and camaraderie followed by King’s presentation at 7 p.m.


          Then a colonel in the US Air Force, King was on duty in the 25th Norad Region at McCord AFB, Washington when the event unfolded.  He and his colleagues followed the entire event on radar, beginning with the hijacking of the Boeing 727 airliner shortly after takeoff from Portland, Ore. on Nov. 24, 1971 and ending some five hours later when the aircraft passed out of his region’s radar coverage.


          Cooper parachuted out of the aircraft with an extorted $200,000 in cash.  Despite an extensive manhunt and an exhaustive (and ongoing) FBI investigation, Cooper has never been located or positively identified.   To date, the case remains the only unsolved airline hijacking in American aviation history. 


                                                                                                                                                                               The suspect  Alias Dan Cooper……………….



Tmp00001       The suspect purchased his airline ticket under the alias Dan Cooper, but due to a news media miscommunication he became known in popular lore as “D. B. Cooper.”     Hundreds of leads have been pursued in the ensuing years but no conclusive evidence has ever surfaced regarding Cooper’s true identity or whereabouts, and the bulk of the ransom money has never been recovered.  Numerous theories of widely varying plausibility have been proposed by experts, reports, and amateur enthusiasts.


          King, who has studied the case extensively during the last 40 years, will discuss three aspects of the hijacking:  1. The airplane, and how it was possible for Cooper to bail out; 2. The events beginning with the hijacking and continuing through the

the plane’s landing at Seattle-Tacoma airport, delivery of the $200,000 ransom and several parachutes,  Cooper’s allowing all passengers to leave the airplane, and the take-off; and  3. His opinion on what really happened. 


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