Aero Club Members have year-end picnic





Every spring,  Sun Lakes Aero Club members gather for their year-end pot-luck at Sisk Park.  This year’s event on April 28 was attended by 24 members and guests.  Club president Bob Walch cooked the brats and members brought salads and desserts.  Among those attending were Leigh and Betty  Goddard, Earl and     Grace Cuyler, Gary and Dorothy Vacin, Vern and Sylvia Nelson, Bill Young,  Al and Gladys Galvi, Bob and Nadine Walsh, John Marsh,  Bob and Carol DeLong ,  John and Dorothy Kohler , Arlene Riley, Richard Peek, Jerry and Seal Iantaro, and George Solandros. The club will begin fall activities with its October meeting at the Sun Lakes Country Club.