August 21, 2005


To: All SLAC Members

From: Vern Nelson


Re: Website Update


New Postings to the Website:


  1. Memorial field update .  Letter from the Candler Airport Commission to the Gila River Indian Community dated June 8, 2005.  Letter is at the end of the Update by member Bob Earl.



Other interesting information:


  1. Here is an exciting article on the performance benefits of ethanol.  Since
    performance sells cars, not environmental friendliness, This is the type
    of new fuel we need to change the public's opinion about renewable fuels.

    Courtesy of member Elton Dyal.

  2. Recollections of a 10 year old . Member Gunter Peters lived in Nienburg, Germany in March 1945 nearing the end of WWII. 

  3. Test your knowledge about hypoxia  With the recent fatal accident of the Helios Boeing737-300 that crashed near Athens, it would be wise for you to test yourself concerning hypoxia.

  4. Radio Realities.  Are you up-to-date on your Radio Phraseology?  A good column on the proper use
    of your radio.

  5. Do you know where the traffic is around you?  The Controller does.  Some critical information concerning avoiding other aircraft.

  6. Say Intentions  Take several emergency flights using radios and controls.  This qualifies for the Wings Program and you will receive a certificate.