October 7, 2005

Note; The following email was received today from Sue Elsner concerning member Lynn Elsner. We pray that Lynn will recover from this distressing illness.

Dear Friends,

This is an unbelievable message that I am sending to you all so you had better sit down. I would like to talk to you all in person but of course that is impossible.

Lynn has been experiencing headaches, fatigue and other symptoms the last few weeks...blaming it on hitting his head and falling.  Last Friday, Sept. 30, he was so severe that our daughter and her husband helped me get him to the emergency room.  He was in surgery within 3 hours, during which they removed a malignant melanoma tumor from his brain.

Further scans showed he had developed new blood clots in his lungs and both legs...they are unable to treat them right now because of his surgery.  He did have a temporary filter inserted in the groin area to keep any more clots in his legs from going into his lungs.

Miraculously, he came home from the hospital after 5 days and is much happier at home in our motor-home.  He is extremely fatigued and slow in moving but he has been alert...talking and walking since surgery.  Our children have all been here and many friends so they have all been a blessing to us.

Lynn goes in next week to have 35 staples removed from the right side of his head, he is having a Pet C scan which is the latest in scans, and will go in for markings for radiation which will start in a couple of weeks.  The Gamma Knife radiation is a one time per spot (Lynn has 2, at least more areas in the brain, that they will treat with that with no side effects)  We will have to see what happens after that.

As you can understand, I can't answer all the calls but I will try to return some calls when I can.  I have Lynn's phone turned off for obvious reasons.  I don't get to this e-mail very often, but I will try to check it when I can.  We are at our daughter's and I'm using her computer.

If you would like to send him a card...our address here is P. O. Box 245, Crete, NE 68333.

Obviously, our plans for going to Arizona will depend on Lynn's treatments and how he is doing.  I would love to be able to get him down there yet as he has so many dear friends there and wants to see them.

As you know, our faith remains in the Lord and our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Our Bible reading, Bible studies and Bible teaching church and have been such a blessing.  God continually speaks His wisdom through his writings, we know that He knows exactly what is going on and why and we trust Him for His answer and seek His will and purpose.  Lynn woke up yesterday and said...."it has been a good week!!!!".....I told him that I thought we had had better weeks!

But he was thinking about how he shared the salvation in Christ alone to his nurse in ICU and told her how she could have the assurance of eternal life....after some scripture and heartfelt words, he believe she trusted Christ right there....repenting of her sins, and accepting the free gift of salvation from the one who died to pay the penalty for our sins...he said that was worth the whole situation that he was going through.  He truly wants to glorify God in this and has stated that numerous times.

We ask for your prayers and hopefully we will see some of you yet this fall/winter season.

Thank you for your friendship and love.

Because of Him,