Go to:  Reach a Human when confronted with a maze of menus.

What's your least favorite thing about technology? You might dislike the price of some computer equipment. Or maybe it’s the bugs that get you down.

Those are both valid complaints. But I dislike telephone systems the most. You know what I'm talking about—the labyrinthine menus you get when you call big companies.

If only there were cheats, like there are for video games. Oh, wait, there are! Just visit Find-A-Human. It lists codes for bypassing menus and finding a person at a number of large companies.

Next time you need to call the cable company or an airline, check Find-A-Human first. I used this just the other day when I spotted a problem on my telephone bill. It saved me a lot of time and frustration.

The list isn't complete, but it's growing. You can add cheat codes to the database, if you know of any. I'm sure other visitors, including me, will appreciate it.

Many people use the same password over and over. It's easier to remember than a bunch of different ones. On tomorrow's national radio (November 6, 2005) Kim Komando Computer Minute, I'll give you advice on choosing passwords—and managing them all. To find the radio station nearest you that broadcasts my Minute, use the map on my site. If there isn't one near you, don't fear: Starting in January, you can listen to the Minutes directly from my site! www.quickbase.com/db/bam6rdiey?a=q&qid=5