Paragliding – From Marc and Lan Chirico

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See the immediate camera view from Tiger Mountain.

Seattle Paragliding is located at the north end of the landing zone at Tiger Mountain in Issaquah, Washington. If you are interested in learning how to fly, give us a call. We are fully equipped to help you obtain your P2 pilots license.

On the day of your choice, we'll fly from the grassy slope launch of Tiger Mountain, 1,700 feet above the valley, ... and soar.

  1. 4 Videos Fabulous but you need HSI (High Speed Internet Service)

  2. Perpetual Paragliding Tumble (Loops) (3,900kb) HSI recommended.  These tumbles were performed by Raul Roderizuez, who came to the 2001 Seattle Aero-battle event and won.  Marc says they call this aerobatic paragliding maneuver a perpetual tumble (new this year) and says it dwarfs all other maneuvers.

  3. Seattle Aerobattle Tournament on Lake Sammamish, WA in 2001

  4. Photo of Marc Chirico.  I don’t know if Marc remembers this photo