November 19, 2005


Hi Vern,

I got into my new house in the middle of November.  I have had a fun year. Played hard, worked hard. But Iím in.  I am at the MISSION  ROYAL, in Casa Grande.

Iím sure you all fly over here quite often.  I have really been busy.  I was over at *Johnís hanger today, and one day last week.  Some of my things are stored there.  He has built an office, and good bathrooms, in where the T28 is hangared. The office is upstairs and really nice.I thought maybe some of you could fly up to the strip at Overguard.I was there about 7 months and loved it.


Donít give up on me in the Aero Club.  I will drive over to a meeting some night.
Also let me know about the dues.  But really, I have been so busy, I'm not
settled here yet, I still have things coming and going.

Hopefully I will see you all before too long.  And thanks for keeping me informed.
Tell everyone Hello.




Note: * John is Ruthís son and has the largest aerial spraying operation in Arizona


November 19, 2005


Hi Ruth,


The members have been asking about you.Thanks for bringing us up-to-date. We are so glad to hear that you are OK.You should send us your new address and telephone number so Ray can record it in the member roster.


The dues for 2006 have been set at $10 (same as 2005) and are not due until January 1st.


The next meeting will be at 7:00pm on Wednesday December 21st in the Arts and Crafts room at Phase 1 in Sun Lakes.We hope you will be able to make it.


You can go to for any current information.


Maybe Bill Johnson, Activities, will arrange a flight to Overguard to visit with you and John.Weíll keep you informed.


Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas.




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