1.     Angel Flight's Holiday Gifts Of Flight
Note: SLAC Member Jim Theobald is a volunteer pilot for Angel Flight.

2.     Luke seeks air-traffic control changes to avoid aerial collisions

3.     2005 Year In Review
Disaster, exultation, milestones, conflict, celebration, tragedy, and remembrance

4.     Inside the Chart Factory History of the Jeppeson Charts

5.     The Right Chart Matters Current charts are very important

6.     Cirrus in the Water Parachute landing after a medical black-out.

Note: Photos are of the Allison Ranch Airstrip. Allison Ranch is owned by member Harold Thomas.

8.     Arizona Accidents There were 6 aircraft accidents in Arizona recently.

9.      Question: The ELT (emergency locater transmitter) on my airplane is due for inspection. Will I be able to legally fly my airplane without the ELT installed?

Answer: Yes, you will be able to fly your airplane without an installed ELT for no more than 90 days after it is initially removed for inspection, as stated in 14 CFR 91.207(f)(10). The aircraft record must contain an entry including the date of initial removal, the make, model, serial number, and reason for removing the transmitter, along with a placard in view of the pilot stating, "ELT not installed." For additional information and requirements regarding the ELT, view the AOPA Emergency Locater Transmitters subject report online. To learn more about the improvements and the future technology of the ELT, view AOPA's regulatory brief.