January 22, 2006 

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  1. Minutes of the SLAC Board meeting – January 17, 2006

  2. Preview of Feb 1st Splash Article – By Elton Dyal

  3. February Newsletter – By Bob Earl – Speakers, members Bob Green and Sam Doria

  4. Arizona Wing of CAF presents a night in the 40’s  Saturday,March 18th at Falcon Field Airport. You don’t want to miss this event.
    Courtesy of member Bob Ballantyne

Aviation Stuff:


5.   A Matter of Perspective - C-130 vs F-16 Courtesy of Bob Earl.

6.   Subject: U-2 Dragon Lady  (U-2) Operating out of Beale AFB. Long article but very interesting and well worth reading.  Courtesy of Harold Thomas

7.   When it’s OK to wet your pants. (1.5kb) Courtesy of Bob Earl.

8.   Tracking Satellites – Click on any white dot and see what satellite it is and the orbit path.  The outer satellites are 22,241 miles from Earth in a geosynchronous orbit, which if over the equator stays at a constant place in the sky relative to the Earth.  Satellites close to Earth are for GPS, Spying, etc. The AZ Republic says there are 5,500 tons of debris between 550 and 625 miles from earth.
Courtesy of
Bob Earl.

10 On The Fly
Cessna-208 has icing problems.
     Turbines for Kit Planes
     Battery maintenance – It needs TLC
     Safety – Airlines vs Hospitals
     When New Zealand’s Gliding Grand Prix launches next month, spectators will have a  
          whole new view of the action.

Other Stuff:

11. 9-11 Truck Courtesy of Ray Schrecengost.


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