February 26,2006 

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  1. Newsletter, March, 2006 – Prepared by Bob Earl

  2. Scottsdale, Arizona. A Business Aircraft and Jet Preview takes place March 8 at Scottsdale Airport (SDL). Airport Journals invites you to see the latest aircraft from the all-new Legacy by Embraer, Raytheon's Premier 1, the Avanti from Piaggio, Cessna, Cirrus, Eclipse, Pilatus, and Bombardier. Contact Paul Lips, 866/202-0096, or visit the Web site. Note: this website has been added to our Links/Aviation News


Aviation Stuff:


3.    F-35 Joint Strike Fighter – The latest. Short take-off and vertical landing.
Courtesy of
Ray Schrecengost

4.    Breaking the Sound Barrier – Photos courtesy of Dick O’Brien.

5.    Aerobatics  – Jon Melby performs aerobatics around the country in his Pitts Bi-plane.   He is based at CHD.  Visit his website at www.jonmelby.com

6.    USS Ronald Regan In Australia – Courtesy of Bob Earl

7.    Air Traffic Controllers Hiring Dispute – Courtesy of Bob Earl

8.    On The Fly
Take your Kid to Work Day – Courtesy of Dan Bott
F-16 Accident Report – Courtesy of Dan Bott
Terrafugia (terra means earth, fugia means escape) – The flying SUV
Precautionary Landings – Practice them, it may save your life!
Hundreds of Military Photos
A380 Wing Test Failure

Other Stuff:

9.    None this week.


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