April 23, 2006

To: All Sun Lakes Aero Club Members

From: Vern Nelson, Web Manager







·         SLAC Newsletter – May, 2006 – Greg Chenoweth, Manager of the Chandler Municipal Airport gave a presentation at our last meeting on the History and Expansion of the Airport.

·         Minutes of the SLAC Board Meeting – April 19, 2006
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·         Minutes of the Chandler Airport Commission – March 8, 2006

·         The Chandler Flyer – April Newsletter from the Airport

·         From the Tower – By: Stacey Y. Nichols, Air Traffic and Tower Manager

Aviation Stuff:

·         Boston Runway Incursion –Video (5,225 kb) Courtesy of Bob Earl

·         F-22 Raptor – Video (5,010 kb) –Mfg and In Action. Courtesy of Paul Glaser

·         Diamond D Single Engine Jet – First Flight

·         NATCA & FAA at odds over contract

·         A New Niche for LSA’s – Airborne Predator Control by Light Sport Aircraft

·         Radar for your PC – Wow!

·         Tower at Sea-Tac – Mysteriously silent for one-half hour

·         User Fees – Now effective in Canada.  Are they headed our way?

·         Quiz #106: Fly Raw Cross-Country  Long before GPS, pilots navigated with compass, plotter, and E6-B computer. Lindbergh found his way to Paris using a cheese sandwich. You, too, can dead-reckon like an aviation pioneer by testing a few basic skills. (Note: If you are a pilot, you should be able to answer at least 9 of the 10 questions!-Vern)

·         Aging Aircraft – No longer a safety issue

·         Fact Sheet – Download and print the AOPA Aviation Fact Sheet – Current Feb, 2006

·         On The Fly – Other interesting aviation information

Other Stuff:

·         Michelin Airless Tires – New technology

·         Museums in Southern CA – House; Open Air and Ship

·         Yanks Air Museums – United State and Canada

·         Do You Remember These – Video – Courtesy of Bob Earl

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