Global Hawk UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Courtesy of Doug Nelson

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Bi-Monthly Updates:

April 12, 2007




·         News of Interest to Our Members

·         May 1st Splash Article– Preview of the Splash Article.  Presentation by member Harold Thomas on the Kodiak 10 passenger turbo-prop plane designed for Mission Work.


Aviation Stuff:

·         Paragliding – Seattle Paragliding.  Courtesy of Marc Chirico.

·         Flying Under The Radar (Video)  Courtesy of member Eugene Evans.


·         RC Model(Video 4.8 mb) German radio control pilot – One wonders about the genes in this fellow, perhaps his granddad was in the Luftwaffe.  Courtesy of member Harold Thomas. 


·         Boeing 787 – Mirror Mirror on the Wall.  Airbus vs Boeing: as the transatlantic spat escalates, the body count grows and so do the recriminations. What's next as the Airbus A380 delivery delays grind on? Here's David and Goliath.


·         Following courtesy of member Bob Earl:


Abandoned and Little Know Airfields in the US  (This is a repeat)

Ramp Workers View of A-380 (Photos 1.8 mb)– When will we reach the maximum size in Jet Liners?
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MD80 Hard Landing (Video 1.6 mb) Who said the safest place to be is in the tail section?
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·         When A Nice Day Turns Bad – Photo of C-150 and text of story.

·         Dawn SpacecraftNASA's mission into the heart of the asteroid belt, is at the facility for final processing and launch operations. Dawn's launch period opens June 30



Other Stuff:

·        Following courtesy of member Eugene Evans


Military Cut-backs – Three cute photos

Final Curtain(Slides 1.0 mb) Entertainment celebrity deaths in 2006. Photos and text.

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Last Photo I Ever Took Contest  

Oak Tree Sculpture  
Four live oak trees in the median of U.S. Highway 90 Biloxi that died as a result of hurricane Katrina received new life at the hands of a skilled chain saw artist

1985 Volkswagen for SaleDriven only 50 miles. Only first gear and reverse ever used

·         Green’s Travel Tips – April, 2007.  Courtesy of member Bob Green.




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