Bush Pilot on Eek Lake in Alaska with a load of firewood

Pilot is the son of Tim Leary a friend of member Eugene Evans





April 27, 2007



·        News of Interest to our Members

·        Chandler Airport Commission Minutes – Meeting March 14, 2007


Aviation Stuff:

·        Military Planes in Action(Still photos 3.3 mb)  Navy, Marines, Army, Coast Guard and US Air Force.  Great photos.  Click Page Down to advance slides.  Courtesy of member Bob Earl.

·        Phoenix Tracon – Push for changes in the Class B airspace at Sky Harbor Airport.  Opposed by AOPA

·        In a Hurry? – Neat story courtesy of member Dick O’Brien

·        How to Trash an Airliner – Pilot error caused this accident on the ground.  Courtesy of member Bob Walch.

·         B-52 Hits Turbulence -  Look what severe turbulence can do to a large plane. 
Courtesy of member
Eugene Evans.

·         Russki Aircraft - Here are some great shots of Russki a/c, most of which you probably haven't seen before.
The Russian design aesthetic is so different than the
U.S.'s.  Be sure you view this.  It is fabulous.  This should be of particular interest to Jim Boone who flew rescue helicopters in Vietnam.  Jim is a former member of SLAC who moved to California.  Courtesy of member Dan Bott.

·         Russian Air Show 2007(Click Page Down to advance slides) - Courtesy of member Eugene Evans.

·         FAA Funding DebateThis is a plea for your help in keeping our U. S. pilots flying.  You may want to contact your representative in Washington after you read these horror stories about what is happening in Europe

·         New Slide Photos of the A380(2.5 mb Click Page Down to advance slides) This is really a behemoth of an airliner.  Courtesy of member Bob Earl.

·         B747 Landing at Hong Kong Airport – Landing in a light rain.  Click on the second icon from the right on the bottom of the video to enlarge to full screen.  Courtesy of member Eugene Evans.

·         Hear how a Nebraska pilot reacted(Audio Video)  When his Piper Lance with a newly rebuilt engine lost power at 200 feet agl.  An engine loss right after takeoff is particularly frightening, because you're left with little altitude and not a lot of time in which to make decisions

·         Glacier Girl – Present condition of P-38 buried in Ice in Greenland.– Courtesy of member Jim Parish

·         Physicist Stephen Hawkins goes Weightless   One of the world’s greatest physicists flies eight parabolic cycles



Other Stuff:

·         Tiger with Pig Cubs – Tiger lost her litter and nurses a litter of 5 piglets.  Courtesy of member Eugene Evans

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