200 MPH at 17,500 Feet - 4 place - 1,030 Mile Range



May 12, 2007



·        News of Interest to the Members

·        Splash – June 1st  Preview of the Sun Lakes Aero Club Article for the Splash


Aviation Stuff:

·        Fatal Accident– A chilling reminder to avoid restricted areas.

·        Bird Strikes - Over 195 people have been killed world-wide as a result of bird strikes since 1988 - Over 7,100 bird and other wildlife strikes were reported for USA civil aircraft in 2005 - An estimated 80% of bird strikes to civil aircraft in USA go unreported

·        Pushing the Limits – Lands pilot in lake Michigan.  Know your range and be careful of headwinds.

·         First Aircraft Accident – The first recorded fatal aircraft accident happened in 1908

·         Hot Air Balloons –They will amaze you  (44 Slides 4.6 mb).  Use “Page Down” - Courtesy of member Bob Earl

·         Other interesting articles from AOPA and other Aviation Publications
FAA ProposalGoverning pilot training and certification would make training regs worse..
Arizona Airplane Accidents – There were an unusual number recently (9)
Aeromedical Factors  – Take Sporty’s Quiz to see how much you know about this subject
Allergy Factors – Can you fly on the allergy medicine you are taking?
Engine Overhaul – Engine overhaul terminology and standards. What does it all mean?
Latest on the Eclipse 500 VLJ (Very Light Jet).  SLAC visited the Eclipse facility in 2002 and 2004
AOPA Annual Meeting – Scottsdale Saturday May 19th.  If you fly in Arizona this meeting is a must.
Flight Service Headaches – SLAC is flying to Prescott to visit the FSS on May 29th.
Microsoft Windows Vista – FAA warns staff against using Microsoft Vista


Other Stuff:

·        Insurance for Recruits in the National Guard – Cute joke courtesy of member Eugene Evans.

·        Greens Travel Tips  May Issue - Courtesy of member Bob Green

·        Highway Condition in the Rain(29 Slides 2.5 mb) What you are about to see is the Lena Highway, a Russian Federal highway, Moscow city to Yakutsk City.  Courtesy of member Dan Bott.  Wait for this to open.

·        Rabbit vs Rattlesnake. – (Video 3.8 mb)  You can make these full screen size by clicking on the maximize box.  Courtesy of member Eugene Evans.

·        Backhoe vs Bridge – Driver misjudged the clearance.  Courtesy of member Eugene Evans

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