Altair Unmanned Aerial Vehicle


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May 31, 2007



Aviation Stuff:


·        Aerobatics(Video 6.1 mb) Excellent show – Courtesy of member Cliff Rosch

·        Kite Aerobatics  Video 9.1 mb) Three large kites under amazing control. Courtesy of member Bob Earl.

·         FA37Latest Mach 4 super-cruise stealth fighter/bomber/interceptor with approximately a 4,000nm range.
Awesome.  – Courtesy of member
Bob Earl.

·         Landing at Tegucigalpa, Honduras(Video 4.7 mb) Watch this American Airliner land in 5,800 feet in a crosswind.  Courtesy of member Bob Earl.

·         User Fees – The continuing effort by the airlines to pass User Fees onto General Aviation.

·         Osprey in Flight(Slide show 3.5 mb) Great photos of this remarkable aircraft in flight. 
Courtesy of member
Dick O’Brien.

·         STOL – Short Take Off and Landing – (Video 4.1 mb) Wow! Courtesy of member Eugene Evans.

·         Weather Wise: Ceiling and Visibility – A course On “What Are Aviation’s Deadliest Killers”?

·         Paragliding – Courtesy of Marc Chirico.

Paragliding Pictorial at a Glance– Some interesting facts and data about Paragliding.  Click to enlarge.

First Flight
Interesting narrative by a lady author.


Other Stuff:


·        It’s Hard To Come Home From War(Slides 1.0 mb) Courtesy of member Gary Vacin.


·        Registered Sex Offenders - This link will enable you to see (Includes photo) all of the Sex Offenders
within an area.  Put in any postal address & zip code.  There are 8 in area code 85248.
Alert your grandchildren.

·        For the horse lovers among us, you gotta see this clip. This video is of Andreas Helgstrand and his 9 year-old mare, Matinee, at the World Equestrian Games. It is the Musical Freestyle Dressage competition, and they pretty much wiped the floor with everyone. Turn up the sound and watch this mare dance... she is amazing.  The finale is incredible. Keep an eye on her tail as she moves it to the beat of the music!   Courtesy of Doug Nelson.   Equestrian ,Games   

·        Cool Pictures – Strange houses, etc.  Courtesy of member Elton Dyal

·        20 Ways To Maintain a Healthy Level of Insanity.  Courtesy of Cliff Rosch.

·        How Long Do We Have?  From Bondage to Liberty and Back to Bondage.

·        The Cold War – It’s heating up!

·        The Following Are Courtesy of member Eugene Evans:

Snowboarding(Video 3.1 mb)– Ouch!
Remove a Cork from the inside of a Bottle  (Video 4.4 mb) Easy when you know the secret. 
Scotch Tape Figures(Photos 2.9 mb)
Puppeteers (Video 3.7 mb)


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