Lt Col Edward (Ned) Linch

Speaker at the May 16th Meeting.




June 30, 2007



·        News of Interest to our Members


Aviation Stuff:


·        Current Aviation News – Selected news clips from AOPA


·        Prescott Fire Fighting TFR – 8 miles SE of Prescott, AZ – Near DRAKE VOR – June 29th UFN


·        The following appeared in the May 27th Update and is a false story.  Read the true story about this at:
Snopes   Member Ben Thompson informed us of this falsehood.
FA37 – Latest Mach 4 super-cruise stealth fighter/bomber/interceptor


·        A petition you can sign on line – If you would like to sign a petition against pending “User Fees”.
There are over 60,000 signatures gathered already.  You do not need to be a pilot or a member of AOPA to sign this petition.


·        Impossible Landing (Video 12.9 mb) – F-15’s collide and one lands without a wing.
Courtesy of
Rollie Baumann.

·         Two Blind Pilots – A little humor from member Bob Earl

·         World’s Shortest Runway (Video 3.2 mb) Courtesy of member Richard O’Brien

·         Glacier Girl – The latest on the P-38 that was buried in ice for years.  Courtesy of member Bob Earl.

·         Arizona Aircraft Accidents –As reported by the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) there were five Aircraft Accidents in Arizona during the month of May, 2007

·         Near Runway Incursion – Don’t depend on the Tower Controller to keep you safe. 
Courtesy of member
Bob Earl.

·         Fuel Costs – Costs are curtailing many GA flights.

·         Pelican’s Perch – Problem keeping the eye’s out of the cockpit?  Worthy article for pilot’s to read.

·         Rotax 912 – DVD Details proper care and feeding of this popular SLA engine.

·         Birds Meet Planes  – It’s amazing what birds can do to a plane!  Meeting Geese and Ducks can ruin your day. Courtesy of members Bob Earl and Tom Walthaner.

·         Glass Cockpits – Are they as good as proponents say? 


·         Other Aviation Stuff
The Perils of Fixating on mistakes – Take a Mountain Flying online course.
Aircraft Accident Database. – Categorized by Cause
Sport Pilots – Questions and Answers



Other Stuff:


·         The Rising Sea Dragon In Asia  Courtesy of member Ruth Pew.

·         Green’s Travel Tips – July, 2007 issue – Courtesy of member Bob Green.

·         Something Different to Drive – Courtesy of Cliff Rosch

·         Neat Clock- Probably from a Dutch website.  Courtesy of member Bob Green
Let me know if you have any trouble reading this clock.

·         Surfboarding using a Paraglider(Video 1.5 mb)  Courtesy of member Bob Earl

·        Penny Post Cards   What did your town look like according to Penny Postcards.  Check out your old stomping grounds during the times of the penny postcard.  Click on the state and then on the county to see old penny postcards from that area.....pretty neat.  Courtesy of member Richard Peak.

·        Spectacular Photos – Mostly birds – Courtesy of Gale Nelson


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