The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner Story

All Boeing Model Planes  The B-707 through the B-777

are all lined up at Boeing Field on July 7, 2007




July 31, 2007



·         News of Interest to the Members

·         Minutes of the Chandler Airport Commission – May and June, 2007
May 9, 2007 Minutes
June 13, 2007 Minutes


Aviation Stuff:

·        De Havilland  - The only restored DH-4 still flying – Courtesy of member Dan Bott.

·        The Personal Blimp – Dan Nachbar and Mike Kuehlmuss have finally received permission from the FAA to carry passengers.

·         Space Shuttle – Photos of the Shuttle leaving Edwards Air Force Base for Kennedy Center June 30, 2007.
Photos taken by Lt Col James M. “Matt” Humes, Commander, 412th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, Edwards AFB, California.  Courtesy of Member
Michael Boylan.


·        Thunder over Michigan - Thunder over Michigan – Highlights of the 2006 Airshow
Great Aviation Photos – (Slide show 2.9 mb)
   Courtesy of member
Bob Earl


·        Twenty Paragliding Videos  – Take your choice – Courtesy of Marc Chirico, Seattle Paragliding at Isaquah, WA


·        Oshkosh 2007 – Photos  and captions by member Bob Walch


·        When an illusion leads to a dissolution – Crash at Bishop, CA airport.


·        Pol-Air Chillin – This simple aircraft air conditioner would certainly be welcome by Arizona Pilots.


·        AVweb Video - The B-2, F-86, F-22 and heritage flight formation including the restored P-38 Glacier Girl.


·        Taxes – Can you write off your airplane?


·        Headline News – July 27th, 28th and 29th.


·        You may have noticed a stationary vane that extends from the leading edge to the trailing edge on the upper surface of an aircraft wing.  They are called “Fences” and prevent the air from flowing spanwise (sideways) along the wing



Other Stuff:

·        Birth of a Humming Bird  - 21 Days from egg to flight. 
Migrating Humming Birds
- Hand Feeding
     Courtesy of
Gale Nelson

·        Cement Barriers (Video 1.8 mb)– How effective are they in stopping large trucks.
A Think Test -  Test  your power of observation.  25 questions.
Deer Rescue
(Video 1.9 mb) - Here is a cool rescue of a little deer caught out on some ice on a lake.  The helicopter pilot used the wind from the props to slide the deer to safety. 
    Click on maximize button for full screen viewing.  
Courtesy of member
Bob Earl.

·        Identity Theft – How to remedy the effects of Identity Theft

·        Grandparenting – For those of you who live in Sun Lakes - Courtesy of Cliff Rosch

·        Alligator – This is one huge alligator. 
The Simple Life (Slides – 2.1 mb)– 56 slides - Neat photos (Use Page Down to advance slides)
     Courtesy of member
Richard Peak

·        Green’s Travel Tips – August, 2007

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