Besler Steam Plane

View Flight on U-Tube April 12, 1933 at Oakland, California

Courtesy of member Bob Earl



November 30, 2007


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Chandler Airport –


q       Newsletter for our membersThe latest information of interest to SLAC members.

q       Airport News

1.    The Chandler Flyer: November, 2007 A monthly newsletter of the Chandler Municipal Airport

2.    Minutes of the Airport Commission – October 10, 2007

Aviation Stuff:


·        The following are courtesy of member Bob Earl
Cockpit Views – View the cockpits (includes text) of 32 Military planes
Mountain Soaring – A new meaning to flying
A340 Accident – Accident on the test bed

Parachuting and Paragliding Incidents(Video 2.5 mb)  
P-791 Airship – A Lockheed development Text and Video
Midair Collision(Audio 3.8 mb) Tower tape recording
Flying Boat – Firefighting in CA.  Water pick up in Lake Elsinore.
Russian SU-30 – Worlds best fighter? – Text and Video (4.3 mb Video Large)
Special Hot Air Balloons(Slides 2.8 mb in Power Point).  We published some of these before,
however there are many fabulous new ones.

·         Quest’s Second Kodiak Takes Wing – Member Harold Thomas was instrumental in the development of this fine plane.  It was primarily designed for Missionary work in out-of-the-way-places.  Also includes Harold’s Gazette November 21, 2007 showing production jigs, production charts, etc.

·        Space Travel(Video 6.8 mb Large) Astronauts cavorting in space.  Courtesy of member Clif Rosch

·        Jet Blast Demo(Video 1.8 mb) There is a tornado in back of a large jet.  Courtesy of member Paul Glaser

·         Airbus A-380(2.8 mb) Photos and schematics.  Courtesy of member Don Tubbs

·         Classic Planes in Flight(Slide Show 5.5 mb Large) – Lots of WWi and some WWII planes in flight.
Courtesy of member
Gene Evans

·         Things you won’t see on CNN(Slide Show 1.9 mb) Great slides.  Courtesy of member Dick O’Brien

·         On The Fly
1. New replacement plastic pilot certificates to become mandatory within two years
2. Once again the F-15 Fleet is grounded. Investigators are concerned with the Longerons.
3. There were 6 aircraft accidents in Arizona during October, 2007
4. ADS-B Comment Period Extended (
Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) Cost per pilot $9,000
5. EAA’s Push for New Homebuilt Rules
6. SR-22 Accident in Minnesota kills four –There have been 17 SR-22 accidents and 35 deaths since 2002
7. Another Quiz on Ramp Checks by the FAA (Test your knowledge and become aware)
8. Lott resigns – Affect on $25 per flight user fee unknown
9. AOPA Visits Phoenix to discuss Super Bowl preparations
10 Cessna Skycatcher (LSA) to be built in China
11 Airports within 200 NM of CHD – There are 122 of them

Other Stuff:


·        Versatile Carpenter(Video 2.8 mb)  Knowledge of German useful.  Courtesy of member Gene Evans

·         7 Year Old Sings National Anthem  Heartrending – Courtesy of member Richard Peak

·        Statute of Liberty – Made up of 18,000 Soldiers? – Courtesy of member Richard Peak

·        Cookies – Hundreds of Recipes.  Just in time for Christmas – Courtesy of member Clif Rosch

·        Roadside Bomb Detonation  - (Video 5.9 mb Large)  Courtesy of member Bob Earl.

·        Christmas Card To Soldier  Walter Reed Hospital will not accept Christmas Cards addressed to “A Recovering American Soldier”  If you get an email encouraging you to send a card, forget it.  The Info is false.  The Post Office does not have the personnel to distribute them.

·        HMS Astute – Brittan’s newest nuclear submarine class – Courtesy of member Richard Peak

·         Interesting Stats from the U.S. Census Enter your Zip Code and compare with neighboring Zips. 
Courtesy of friend,
Ken Moeller.

·         Penetration by Bullets(Video 3.3 mb) Destructive power of bullets.  Courtesy of Member Bob Earl

·         The Wise Old Man(Slide Show 692 kb) – Live Life to the fullest. Courtesy of Member Bob Earl.

·         Disappearing Car Door-  I can’t get two cars in my garage.  This would sure solve that problem.
Courtesy of member
Gene Evans

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