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December 31, 2007


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News of Interest to Members and Pilots

·        Newsletter for members of SLAC

·        Special for Pilots – Articles of particular interest to pilots

·        Nov 14, 2007 Minutes – Minutes of the Chandler Airport Commission

·        Chandler Airport Flyer – December, 2007 Newsletter for the patrons of the airport

Aviation Stuff:


·         The following group of articles are courtesy of member Bob Earl
C-17 Globe Master – Remarkable photos
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – 15 of the smallest to the largest UAVs. 
The Round The World Saga of the "Pacific Clipper”  Five photos and text of the Saga starting on December 7, 1941.  They were just a few hours on their flight from San Francisco to Auckland when WWII started.
Flight of the U-2 – Photos and text of a flight to 80,000 feet.
Dragon Lady is like a China doll; she cannot withstand heavy gust and maneuvering loads.
Windiest Airport(Video 5.9 mb) Wellington International Airport in New Zealand.
English is the international language of aviation (Video 3.3 mb) This would be funny if it were not so dangerous.  Pilots like these fly wide-bodied jets all over the world.

·         Colonel Ray W. Schrecengost – This is the 50th anniversary of a memorable record breaking flight on November 27, 1957 by SLAC Member Ray Schrecengost (deceased August 15, 2006).  He was a great American Military Officer, admired by everyone he came into contact with. You can view a biography and his Funeral Services at Arlington National Cemetery at Biography.html

·        Fleet Week in San Francisco (Do not try to access unless you have high speed internet)  Many fabulous photos taken at the 2007 Festivities.  There are links included in this site to the 2007 Nellis AFB Airshow and also to a series of WWII Bomber photos.  Courtesy of member Gary Vacin and friend Ken Moeller

·         Failure to Pre-flight(Video 1.3 mb) Disastrous results when failing to Preflight before departure. 
Courtesy of members
Bob Earl and Ben Thompson

·         MIG Accident – Pilot misjudged pull-out at bottom of a loop.  Courtesy of Greg Chenoweth

·         B-17 Story – Courtesy of member Ben Thompson

·         F-35 Joint Strike Fighter – Pilots view right through their own fuselage to view ground below.
Courtesy of member
Elton Dyal

·         Man in the Door (Video 4 Minutes on You-Tube) Story by a American Hero on Helicopter rescues in Vietnam
Courtesy of member
Gene Evans

·         China Airlines (Power Point 861 kb)– Accident on the tarmac – Courtesy of member Cecil Mann

·         Kodiak update – Production progress of this fine plane.  Courtesy of member Harold Thomas

Other Stuff:


·        It’s a Wonderful World(Power Point Slides 3.4 mb)  Nostalgic photos courtesy of Sharon La France

·        Lucky Day(5 short Videos) – Courtesy of member Gene Evans
Lucky Day 1; Lucky Day 2; Lucky Day 3; Lucky Day 4; Lucky Day 5

·        3 Photos of Snow in Heber, AZ  These photos were taken at the home of member Cliff Rosch on 12/11/07

·        Hotel/Motel Drinking Glasses – (4.18 Min) Have you ever wondered how some of the best hotels/motels wash the drinking glasses you use?  Here is a hidden video of what goes on.  Courtesy of member Gene Evans

·        Death of a Glacier(Video 5.0 mb)  A most unusual video of the calving of a glacier. 
Courtesy of member
Bob Earl

·         Modern Logging Techniques  (Video 5.3 Min) Very interesting video of modern logging. 
Courtesy of member
Bob Earl

·         An Inspiring Message – Courtesy of member Harold Thomas

·         This Is One Brave Marine – Sgt Michael Burghardt, known as “Iron Mike” or just “Gunny”
Courtesy of member
Bob Earl.

·         Modern Binary Explosives(Video 7.0 mb) This should concern you.  It is as deceptive and concealable and ordinary in appearance as it seems to be, and as powerful as you make it, depending upon the mix.  It has been around for a long time, in commercial explosive form.  Courtesy of member Bob Earl

·        Military Heros–Until we meet again.  Courtesy of member Bob Earl

·        Merry Tossmas(Video quick load) Some are fed up with Happy Holidays.  Courtesy of member Gene Evans

·        The Gratitude Campaign – We don’t know how widespread this signing is but it should be.
Courtesy of member
Gary Vavin

·        Candy Recipes – Lots of them.  Courtesy of member Gene Evans

·        Custom Cars(Slide Show in Power Point 4.0 mb) Use “Page Down” Courtesy of member Gene Evans

·        Gun Rules – 10 rules to follow.  Courtesy of member Clif Rosch

·        Snopes Search – You probably get email from your friends informing you of viruses to be cautious about.  To find out if they are hoaxes before forwarding to your other friends, access Snopes and go directly to their new “Search Page”.

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