Contributor says : " The tail strike occurred during at a 1990 airshow in  Harrison, Arkansas.  Kelly, who was a technician for the FAA and somewhat of a camera buff, was tracking with his camera, as this guy looped off the deck in a MIG-15.


The pilot had just completed a loop and misjudged his pull-out.  Everyone considering themselves as potential victims, took-off running in all directions. But Kelly had a non-threatening position along with a strong motivation to take the picture. So just as the MIG scraped the ground, Kelly captured this rare image.


Had it been circulated at the time, this once in a lifetime photograph might have earned an award. 


A few weeks later, in Fort Smith, Kelly was showing me these pictures he had developed at a local Walmart. I asked him for a copy and now have it hanging on my office wall a clear depiction of the tiny difference between life and death.


Oh, by the way, the guy just made a wide circle, lowered his landing gear, touched down . then taxied in showing scratched paint, but no sheet metal damage.