F-35 Stealth Fighter - VTL (Vertical Take Off and Landing)

F35-BF-1 First Flight – (Video YouTube) Courtesy of member Cecil Mann
F-35 Lightening ll (Video YouTube) More – Courtesy of member Ben Thompson

SALC Updates:

January 31, 2008


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News of Interest to Members and Pilots

·        Newsletter for members of SLAC February, 2008

·        Special for Pilots – Articles of particular interest to pilots

·        Captain Jim Theobald’s Pen – Email from Lt Col Ned Linch to member Jim Theobald

·        December 12, 2007 Minutes – Minutes of the Chandler Airport Commission

·        Chandler Airport Flyer – January, 2008 Newsletter for the patrons of the airport

Air and Space


·         The following group of articles are courtesy of member Bob Earl

Jimmy Doolittle’s Raiders – (Power Point Slide Show 4.0 mb) Lots of photos and text
Battle Damage – Helicopter battle damage in Iraq
Lockheed Constellation – Some interesting old information.  The immaculate Constellation that was used by  
    General Douglas McArthur is located at the Valle Airport Museum in Northern Arizona.
Aegis Missile Defense –
(Video 7.1 mb) Watch two intercepts
Runway Closed – Controller cleared 747 for landing.  He ran away but was apprehended and arrested. 
Great Plane Photos –
(Power Point Slide Show 2.9 mb)
Landing accident photos – Sonoma County Airport, CA is a small airport.  Includes accident report.
Air Shows 2002 to 2006  - Great Photos
P-39 Airacobra recovered from a lake in Russia in 2004.
Photos and text.
Inside the International Space Station (Video 6.6 mb)

·         Thunderbird Eject/Crash – (YouTube video) – How it happened – Courtesy of member Ben Thompson

·         Helicopter Rescue – This is one extraordinary feat of flying.  We published this a long time ago but it is worth viewing again.  Courtesy of member Gary Vacin

·         Engine Fire – Read the unreasonableness of the FAA in this MD-80 Fire on take off. 
Courtesy of member
Harold Thomas

·         Personal Helicopter – (Video) What retirees do with their time. Zoom to full screen.
 Courtesy of member Clif Rosch

·         Blue Angels Low Pass – 25’ Over water – (Click on right arrow on left of screen) Courtesy of member Clif Rosch

·         Airline Seating –(Power Point 4.6 mb) New type seating in various Airlines.  Courtesy of member Dick O’Brien

·         Cirrus R-22 Accident – Icing causes spin, chute saves passengers.

·         Bill Mickel summited Rainier  The Tiger Mountain Paraglider made his 35th climb of  Mt. Rainier on Jan 22nd.  Click on the heading “Updated Route Conditions” for more info.  SeattleParagliding.com   


Other Stuff


·         The following group of articles are courtesy of member Gene Evans:

Cat Fishing –
(Video 3.2 mb) You have never seen cat fish caught like this.
Calvin, Hobbie and their Snowmen (Ladies) – If you like Calvin comic strips, these are some of the best.
Aptera – 300 MPG – 120 Mile Range – Coming your way 
Home For Sale – Unusual Toronto Home For Sale
Very Unusual Home – Owned by Sheikh Zayad bin Sultan Al Nahyan

·         Chinese Wisdom –(Power Point 2.1 mb)  Courtesy of member Harold Thomas

·         Select a Candidate for 2008   Answer some questions to see who your choice is for the best candidate. This appears to be unbiased however there is no guarantee.  Courtesy of member Clif Rosch

·         WW I Human Pictures – Thousands of soldiers made living pictures. Courtesy of member Bob Walch

·         A THOUSAND ISLANDS - Hey, you always wanted to learn to fly on floats. Here is your chance.  Your own island and the longest runways in the world.  Land of 1,000 Islands (Power Point 3.3 mb)
Courtesy of member
Clif Rosch.

·         Two Great Stories – Courtesy of member Ray Bahret

·         Iraqi Roadside Bomb – (Video 2.4 MB) Nipped in the bud from 2.5 Miles away. 
Courtesy of member
Richard Peak

·         1-800-466-4411 – Free information from Google from any phone.  Click on Google 411 for a video demonstration.
Courtesy of friend
Ken Moeller.

·         Sculpture – Fiberglass resin sculptures by Ron Mueck. 12 interesting photos.  Bio of artist.

·         Major News – Read the news in the year you were born or any year.  Courtesy of member Gene Evans.

·         This is a jukebox...but no ordinary jukebox.  It will play all of your favorite songs from 1950 through 1982.
Play them as you work on your computer.  Courtesy of member
Clif Rosch

·         Bugatti Veyron - First Drive –1,001 Horsepower – Courtesy of member Gene Evans

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