Prototype of Cessna C-162 SkyCatcher
2 Place 118 MPH 100HP

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SALC Updates:
March 31, 2008


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News of Interest to Members and Pilots

·        Newsletter for members of SLAC - March, 2008

·        Special for Pilots – Articles of particular interest to pilots

·        Google Earth - This is a free download from Google and we highly recommend it for your computer if you do not already have it installed.  View anywhere on earth in great magnification, View 3D at any angle.  Enter an address or location and it will take you directly there automatically.  View your home, etc.

·        Minutes of the Chandler Airport Commission
February 12, 2008 Minutes

Air and Space


·         Gathering of Mustangs (Power Point Slide show 3.0 mb) – 68 to 70 P-51 Mustangs performing in a 2007 Air Show.  Courtesy of member Bob Earl

·         Origin of the Checklist – Narrative.  Courtesy of member Bob Earl

·         F-15 Breakup – 11 animation photos of a real breakup in flight due to bad parts.  Missouri National Guard. 
Courtesy of members
Bob Earl, Paul Glaser, Bill Myers and John Ryan

·         Flying the System – Narrative about O’Hare departure restrictions in 198l/82. 
Courtesy of member
Gene Evans

·         Ice on the Runway(Video 2.3 mb) Interesting fowl landings on icy runway.

·         F-22 Raptor Demo (Video) Unless you are near a major Air Force base you may never get a chance to see the F-22 Raptor in a live performance, but you might want to watch a little of this air show video to gain an appreciate for this awesome aircraft.  Courtesy of member Clif Rosch

·         Breaking the Sound Barrier without an Aircraft – Courtesy of member Dan Bott

·         Slingshot Parachuting(Video 2.7 mb) -How would you like to try this?  Courtesy of member Bob Earl

·         Coming In On A Wing And A Prayer - (Slide Show 7.3 mb) – Courtesy of member Gene Evans

·         Kodiak Plane – Production update courtesy of member Harold Thomas

·         Water Skiing Planes – Photos of three planes water skiing in South Africa.  For more details on the “Flying Lions” click on: Flying Lions  Courtesy of member John Marsh

·         Planes in flight(Slide Show 2.9 mb)  Neat slides.  Courtesy of member Dan Bott

·         Jetman(Slide Show .9.0 mb)  This was on a prior Update as a video.  These are great Photos.
Courtesy of member
Clif Rosch

·         Aerobatics – Kirby Chambliss 2002 National Aerobatics Champion.  Article and Aerobatic Video
Courtesy of member
Bob Earl

·         General Electric Jet Engine – The GE90 115B Jet Engine powers the B-777 Jet Liner.  Over 100,000 HP
Courtesy of member
Bob Earl

·         Boeing 777 fly-by - (Text and Video). Pilot fired for “Top Gun” fly-by at Paine Field in Seattle. 
Courtesy of member
Bob Earl

·         WWII Aviation Accident Stats. – Courtesy of member Bob Walch

Other Stuff

·        Dinner in the Sky – 9,000 Euros just for the crane and locations and seating for 22, all else is extra.
Courtesy of member
Gene Evans

·        Top secret recipes – Secret recipes from your favorite eating establishments – Courtesy of member Clif Rosch

·        Why our Country is in Trouble – Courtesy of member Gene Evans

·        Twisted Balloons – Costume art – Courtesy of member Gene Evans

·        Brutus is a Military K9 – Part Boxer, part British Bull Mastiff and scales 200 pounds. Holds Congressional Medal of Honor for Iraq Tour.  Courtesy of member Gene Evans

·        Family Moose (Video 5.3 mb)– Courtesy of member Gary Vacin

·        Rotating Canal Locks (Power Point Slides 1.5 mb)– Electrically powered Locks in Scotland that raise a boat and lower a boat between canal levels  - Ingenious engineering – For more details click on Falkirk Wheel
Courtesy of member Harold Thomas

·        Initial Tidal Wave – Photo of the wave from Hurricane Katrina 2/29/05.  Courtesy of member Harold Thomas

·         Daily Astronomical Photos – Best daily photos from June, 2005 to date.  (Astronomy Picture of the Day Archives)  Courtesy of member David Nelson

·         Air Car of the Future – Photos and Video.  125 miles on $2 of Air.  Courtesy of member Harold Thomas

·         Auto Crash  -  (Video 4.6 mb) This is one of the most amazing auto crashes. It had a good ending. You will watch this more than once.  Courtesy of member Gene Evans

·         National Parks - (Slide Show)  Magnificent photos of our National Treasures.  Courtesy of Member Bob Earl

·         An Eagle named Freedom  - Story of a seriously wounded eagle that wound up as a man’s friend. 
Courtesy of member
Bob Earl

·         TV Broadcasting to Convert to Digital – At midnight February 17, 2009, all full-power television broadcasting stations in the United States will stop broadcasting in analog and switch to 100% digital broadcasting.  This will give you the answers to all of your questions.  Courtesy of member Gene Evans.

·         Roses(Slide show 4.5 mb). Beautiful roses.  Courtesy of Margo Callaghan.

·         This says it all –Modern story of Noah and the Ark.   Courtesy of member Harold Thomas

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