Sedona Airport, Unique Formations and Vermilion Cliffs 

One of Arizona’s Beauty Spots 



August 31, 2008


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ews of Interest to Members and Pilots


·         Newsletter for members of SLAC (46 kb)

·          Special for Pilots (22 kb)– Articles of particular interest to pilots

·         City of Chandler Airport Commission Minutes June 11, 2008 (428 kb)

Air and Space

·         Exclusive Video: Cirrus The-Jet -- First Flight (Link)- July 3, 2008, Cirrus Design marked the first flight of its jet offering. The aircraft, currently dubbed "The-Jet" successfully flew for 45 minutes

·        Exclusive Video: Inside Diamond's D-Jet Personal Jet Aircraft (Link)- With new personal jets popping up all the time, AVweb takes a look at what may very well be the next certified single-engine very light or personal jet to enter the market

·        Vintage Airline photos (Link) - Slide Show) Courtesy of member Jim Parish

·         Very Very Unusual Aircraft (Slide Show 7.0 mb) – Courtesy of members Dan Bott, Bob Earl and Jim Parish

·         Air Show Photos by Bernard Zee (Link) – Many photos at many airshows.  Courtesy of member Gene Evans

·         Narrated Demo Flight of F-22 Raptor Fighter Jet (Link) Courtesy of member Dan Bott

·         F-22 Raptors flight over Alaska (Slide Show 1.1 mb) Courtesy of member Dan Bott

·         2008 Nellis Airshow (Slide Show 3.8 mb)
Courtesy of members
Homer Mann, Bob Walch, Jim Parish and Clif Rosch

·         Virgin Galactic (25 kb) – Latest on the Spaceship – Courtesy of member Bob Earl

·         Demolition of a Boeing 720B (Video 4.2 mb) – Courtesy of members Bob Earl and Ruth Pew

·         Stearman Accident (68 kb)– I fatality.  Pilot jailed.  Read about this interesting accident.  Be sure you don’t violate the FAR’s

·         C-130 Hercules Crash(Slide Show 1.8 mb) Emergency landing on June 29, 2008 in Iraqi.  No injuries
Courtesy of member
Bob Earl

·         WWII P-47 Thunderbolts in Action (Link) – 62 year old black and white video which has been color enhanced.  362nd Group of the Army Air Corps based in Etaine, France.  Courtesy of members Bob Earl and Clif Rosch

·          Swiss Air Force (Slide Show 2.4 mb)– Some great photos of maneuvers in the Swiss Alps.
Courtesy of member
Paul Glaser

·         Mountain Flying (Link) – Move the cursor and you will have the impression you are flying over snow covered mountains.  Courtesy of members Dan Bott and Richard Peak

·         Shuttle Preparation (Slide Show 3.0 mb) Views of the shuttle Discovery getting ready for a space mission.  Courtesy of member Clif Rosch

·         B-777 Assembly - (Link Video 10.1 mb) Watch the assembly of a Boeing B-777 in speeded-up motion. 
Courtesy of member
Bob Earl

·         Boeing Heavy Lift Rotorcraft (38 kb)Part Blimp, part Helicopter.  Lifts 80,000 pounds.

·         Luxurious Passenger Cabins (Slides 1.4 mb) Courtesy of member Bob Earl

·         F-35 First Flight – Jet Verticle Take-Off and Landing (Link Video) Courtesy of member Bob Earl

·         Chinese F-8 Fighter plane collides with a Navy EP 3 Patrol Plane in 2001 (Slides 3.8 mb)
Courtesy of member
Paul Glaser

·         Aborted take-off (Video 1.3 mb) Early gear retraction by a Russian fighter pilot.
Courtesy of member
Bob Earl

·         Emirate takes delivery of an Airbus A-380 (1.mb) Courtesy of member Dick O’Brien

·         The Piper Super Cub (Video 2.9 mb) This is truly a remarkable aircraft.  Courtesy of member Bob Earl

·         F-16 Dead Stick Landing (Link Video) Courtesy of member Dan Bott

·         Airline Passenger Bumping (13 kb) Starting last month, if an airlines bumps you from a reserved seat and does not reassign you to another flight within 2 hours (4 hours international), you are entitled to receive $800 in cash.

·         Mars Rover (15 kb) Attention, anyone who may have written off NASA's Mars Exploration rover Opportunity -- designed to last a mere 90 days on the Martian surface -- at anytime over the past... sheesh, 54 months.

·         Radio Controlled Model (18 kb) This model is equipped with special lighting for night flying. 
Courtesy of member Bob Earl
.  Model built and flown by Herman Burton

Other Stuff


·        Honda hits the hydrogen highway (Link) - Fuel cell car now available, but only in California (Because Honda is setting up re-fueling stations there).  Courtesy of member Richard Peak

·        Stop Action Photography (210 kb)Courtesy of member Gene Evans

·         Animal/Human Love (Link Video) Courtesy of member Clif Rosch

·        Grand Canyon Skywalk Update(Slide Show 2.0 mb) Update slides of this unique attraction. 
Courtesy of member
Clif Rosch

·        Swan Lake Like You Have Never Seen before: (Link Video)  Courtesy of member Bob Earl

·        Aging (Slide Show 1.6 mb)  Excellent views on getting old.  Courtesy of member Clif Rosch

·        Unique photo of tornado cloud and lightning stroke. (1.5 mb) Taken over Lake Okeechobee on June 15, 1991

·        Life in the 1500’s (12 kb) Courtesy of member Gene Evans

·        Photos of Antartica (Slideshow 3.6 mb) Antartica contains 90% of the earth’s ice and is a major reservoir of the planet’s fresh water.  Music by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.  Courtesy of member Gene Evans

·        World’s largest swimming pool (Link to Snopes – Photos) This pool covers 20 acres, is 1,000 yards long, has a 115 foot deep end and holds 66 million gallons of water.  Located at the San Alfonso del Mar resort at
Algarrobo, on Chile’s southern coast.

·        10 Ducklings saved (Photos & Story 12 kb) 10 ducklings and mother duck stranded on window ledge in Spokane.  Courtesy of Gale Nelson

·         Chiquita - Abba (Link Slide Show) Very beautiful photos accompanied by music (Chiquita)
Courtesy of member
Richard Peak

·         Chinese Drum Girls (Video 5.8 mb) Fabulous coordination.  Courtesy of member Gene Evans

·         Danish Wind Turbine Explodes in High Winds  (Link to Snopes – Video) Demonstrates huge energy in wind.

·         Audi Crash (Slide Show .9 mb)– Where is the driver?  Courtesy of member Gene Evans

·         Google Workplace (Link to Snopes) Does Google have the best working conditions in the world?


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