This amazing photograph was shown at the Seoul City Museum in South Korea



September 30, 2008


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Lest we forget – Colonel Ray Schrecengost

News of Interest to Members and Pilots


·        Newsletter for members of SLAC (50 kb)

·         Special for Pilots (28 kb)– Articles of particular interest to pilots

·        City of Chandler Airport Commission Minutes August 8, 2008 (521 kb)

Air and Space

·        F-16 Fighter Jet   Safer, More Reliable Optical Switches May Replace Electrical Wiring in Cockpits

·        World War II (Power Point Slides 2.6 mb) Click your “Page Down Key” to show the advance of the war on a map of Europe.  Courtesy of member Richard Peak

·        World War II Scrapbook  (Link) Photos of all nations rare planes.  Courtesy of member Bob Earl

·        Unique Aircraft Photos  (Link) Aircraft Carriers, Aircraft Cockpits, Unique Aircraft Photos and other aircraft links.

·        Dead Stick Take off and Landing (Link Video)

·        Military Plane Photos (Power Point Slides 2.7 Mb) Some great photos of each Service planes in action.
Courtesy of member
Dick O’Brien

·        Rare Aircraft Photos (Link) Many rare photos.  Courtesy of member Dan Bott

·        SR-71 Spy Plane (40 kb) Pilot’s recollection of flying the SR-71.  Courtesy of member Ben Thompson

·        Oldest Flying Boeing (12 kb) The 40C is the oldest Boeing plane still flying.  Courtesy of member Bob Earl

·        Jet Man (13 kb) Yves Rossy leapt from a plane and into the record books on Friday September 19th, crossing the English Channel on a homemade jet propelled wing.

·        Mark Schoening and Doug DeVries have completed a 10,000 mile circumnavigation of Canada via the famed Northwest Passage.

·         Chris Ferris First Paragliding Solo (14 kb) Photos and narrative.  From Tiger Mountain in Washington State

Other Stuff

·        Beautiful Tibet (Power Point Slides 4.1 mb) Courtesy of member Richard Peak

·        The Truth about Traffic (102 kb) Research study about driving habits and accidents.

·        Ed W. Freeman (12 kb) An American hero passes on.  Courtesy of member Gene Evans

·        30 Cool Slide Photos (Power Point Slides 2.8 mb) Courtesy of member Clif Rosch

·        Hurricane Ike  ( 14 kb) 17 photos of Hurricane Ike damage.  Courtesy of member Gene Evans
Hurricane Ike (Power Point Slides 5.7 mb) Most in vivid color.  Courtesy of member Dan Bott

·        USS New York (63 kb) Made from steel from the World Trade Center.  Courtesy of member Earl Cuyler

·        Painted Feathers (9 kb) Interesting paintings on feathers – Courtesy of member Gene Evans

·        Mothers come in all Colors, Shapes and Sizes (Power Point Slide Show 3.3 mb) Courtesy of friend Kevin Lynch

·        Dolphins playing with Water Bubbles (Video 2.2 mb) Courtesy of friend Kevin Lynch

·        Drug Interaction Checker (Link) Enter any number of drugs by name or generic name, including aspirin and over the counter drugs and read the interactions between them.  The language is generally not in lay language, however you should get the drift.  When you enter a drug name be sure to check the type in the pop-up window.

·        Western Paintings (Link – Power point slide show) If you like Western Paintings, you will enjoy viewing this slide show.  Takes about 5 minutes – Turn on the sound.  Courtesy of member Bob Earl

·        Quiz (Link) Here is an interesting quiz to test how much you know about the money in your wallet or purse.

·        New Yacht suffers ignominious dunking (9 kb) Courtesy of member Gene Evans

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