Scary - Not so much a landing as an arrival


This is one of the worst landings you will see. It took place at London City airport. The Millennium dome is in the left side of the picture.  The airport itself is located on the river Thames in downtown London and gives business people very quick access to the city.  The runway is only 1199 meters long, which is very short in airline  runway terms, thus it is only suitable for aircraft with good STOL  (short take-off and landing) performance. 


The BAe 146 was the main jet type to operate into the place.  Most other aircraft were turbo props etc. It also has a 5.5 degree glide slope, as opposed to the conventional 3 degree slope to most runways. This added to the complexity, particularly in bad weather.  When doing the approach you have to be fully configured, i.e. gear down, full flap and speed brakes before you commence descent from 3000 feet otherwise the beast cannot be slowed down.


Most airlines have 'stabilized' criteria when making an approach. eg, correct speed, correct slope, configured etc.  If it doesn't look or feel right it is generally a good idea to go around and make another attempt. For whatever reason, these guys decided to continue on.


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