The San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge below a Boeing 40C
Story and photos of the 90th U.S. Airmail Anniversary
re-enactment flight from N.Y. to San Francisco during the
week of Sept 11, 2008.  Text and photos at
U.S. Air Mail
Courtesy of member
Bob Earl



October 31, 2008


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News of Interest to Members and Pilots


·        Newsletter for members SLAC (83 kb)

·          Special for Pilots (39 kb)– Articles of particular interest to pilots

Air and Space

·        9 Questions and answers (Link)  McCain and Obama have answered 9 questions important to General Aviation

·        World Clock (Link)– Many interesting stats changing before your eyes. 
Courtesy of member
Clif Rosch

·        Zeppelin flights (12 kb) Passenger Flights Start Over the San Francisco Bay Area

·        A really bad landing by an airliner (Video 1.3 mb) Courtesy of member Clif Rosch

·        Member Bob Earl’s encounter with Brian Shul Major USAF (Ret) (11 kb)
Courtesy of member
Bob Earl

·        Carrier Landing (video 2.6 mb) Ride as the co-pilot in this carrier landing.  Courtesy of member Dick O’Brien

·        Steve Fossett (8 kb)– His biography and Scenes of crash site.  Courtesy of member Bob Earl

·        Russian B-200 Jet amphibious fire fighting tanker a remarkable plane (Link)  
You can enlarge screen to full size.  Courtesy of member
Paul Glaser

·        X48B Boeing Airliner (Photos 10 kb) .Flying wing  concept.  Courtesy of member Bob Earl

·        F-35B First Flight – Jet Verticle Take-Off and Landing (Video 3.6 mb)  This is a repeat from the August 31st Update, however this is a much clearer video.  Courtesy of Bill Myers

·        The Real Batman (Link) Extreme skydiving.  Enlarge screen to full size.
Courtesy of grandson,
Ryan Nelson

·        Helicopter delicate control (Video 2.0 mb) Amazing control.  Courtesy of member Bob Earl

·        Hundreds of unique research aircraft photos   (Link) Dryden Flight Research Center.  Including photo and project descriptions.

·        Cross Country Flight (Link) An interesting saga of a cross-country flight from Kill Devil Hills, NC to the Catalina Island in California.

·        Flying Car Concept   (Link Video) Is this really in our future?  Fox Interview w/video Click on the square box at the bottom to enlarge video to full screen.
Courtesy of member Earl Cuyler

·        Low ceilings, low fuel, no options (20 kb) Expected results

·        Before you purchase a plane (Link) Recommended by AOPA

·        Arizona Pilots Association (Link) The AZ Pilots Assn maintains a “Calendar of Events” which you might add to your “Favorites”.

·        September ORD Runway Overrun (18 kb) Has Interesting Backstory  The B757 Flight continued on Battery back up power, a bad decision.

·        Watch an airliner crash into a concrete wall (Video 1.5 mb)  At 500 mph there is not much left.  Courtesy of member Bob Earl


Other Stuff


·        Peregrine Falcon (Story and Video 11 kb) The fastest creature on earth.
Courtesy of
Gale Nelson

·        Helsman’s view of a trip down the Houston ship canal.(Link video)  To view full screen click on box at lower right corner.  Courtesy of member Bob Earl

·         Cultural Understanding (link) Some observations on cultural peculiarities by ethnic groups that may give you a different perspective.

·         Little Rupert (Link).  He/she is a deer, six inches tall and weighing in at just over one pound.  Rupert was delivered by caesarian section after his mother was killed by a car.  

·         The flying Frenchman (Link video) Horses!  To view full screen, click on menu, default size and full screen.  Courtesy of member Gene Evans.

·         1000 mph jet car (25 kb) In the works for 2010.  If successful it will gain the land speed record.

·         Japanese illusionist/street magician (Video) Hard to visualize how he does these tricks. 
Courtesy of member
Dick O’Brien

·         Japanese Mall Fountain (Video 5.0 mb) Great engineering feat.  Courtesy of member Gene Evans

·         Hunter Hayes (9 kb)  Read about and listen to this talented youthful Cajun singer.
Courtesy of member
Bob Earl

·         Paul Smith (11 kb).An intriguing story and photos of the typewriter art of Paul Smith who had cerebral palsy and created beautiful art work on an old typewriter.  Courtesy of member Bob Earl

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