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November 30, 2008


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Bill Barnes, Dan Bott, Earl Cuyler, Bob Earl, Paul Glaser, Van Klompenberg, Kevin Lynch, Homer Mann, Ken Moeller, Bill Myers, Gale Nelson, Dick O’Brien, Richard Peak, Clif Rosch, Harold Thomas, Ben Thompson, Bob Walch and Gary Vacin.  Excuse us if we have missed anyone.

News of Interest to Members and Pilots


·        Newsletter for members of SLAC (49 kb)

·        Of Interest to Pilots (24 kb)– Articles of particular interest to pilots

·        Chandler Airport Minutes – September 10, 2008

Air and Space


1       WWII Carrier landings (Text and video 15 kb) Very interesting story & video. Enlarge to full screen

2       NASA Orion crew exploration vehicle (17 kb) Astronauts going back to the Moon and on to Mars

3       Year 1946 TWA B17 (Link) General civilian utilization of the B17 began with the issuance of Limited Type Certificate L-1 on December 2, 1946, by the Civil Aeronautics Administration

4       Airplane landing with one wing gone (Link) Some of you may have received an email video of a plane landing after losing a wing.  We were suspicious and asked Snopes to investigate.  They just posted this article around November 6th

5       Old School Aircraft (Power Point 5.3 mb) Many interesting photos of old time aircraft

6       A real flying saucer you can soon buy? (15 kb)

7       Folding wing amphibious plane(20 kb) Also “Snoopy”, an Aeronca 7-AC on floats

8       The XP-86 Sabre was the first plane to exceed the speed of sound (Link)   Contrary to general opinions, Yeager’s flight in the Bell X-1 rocket plane was not the first plane to break the sound barrier.  
More on the Sabre Jet  (Link)

9       Great Military Photos (1)  Photos (2)  Photos (3) (Links)

10   Macci CastoldiI MC-72  (12 KB) Seaplane sets speed record in 1931 that is still unbroken

11   Chinook helicopter MH-47  (Video 13.kb)  Helicopter extraction at sea

12   Military Aircraft (Slide show 6.5 mb) The best we have seen

13   Boeing 787 Dreamliner milestones (Link) Videos of tests.  Click on the two lower right icons in the photo for text/full screen

14   A-380 vmu flight test (Link video 3.0 mb) Test of Velocity Minimum Unstick

15   Low passes (Video 6.9 mb).  Some of these passes look really dangerous

16   Awesome air photos (Slides 4.9 mb).  Use ‘Page Down’ key to advance slides

17   Airbus hit by missile near Baghdad (Slides 1.3 mb)  Makes a safe but harrowing landing

18   B25 Mitchell Flight Experience (Link –Slides) On media day for the Camarillo Airshow, members of the press and sponsors of the show are presented with an opportunity to fly along in various aircraft

19   F-22 demonstration flight   (Link – Video). With narration

20   Extreme UAV’s  (35 kb). From the smallest to the deadliest

Other Stuff

1        Undersea Carrier (775 kb)  Japanese aircraft carrier hides under the sea

2        Five important tax breaks (10kb) You may not be aware of these tax breaks

3        IED (Improvised Explosive Device) (Video 3.5 mb) A close call with an IED.  Take a ride in the truck

4        Stroke symptoms (13 kb)  There is a new symptom added to the acronym STR (Now STRT)

5        Purple sage trail music (Link video slides)  Whatever happened to those old Westerns and their stars?

6        Triple jointed (Video 5.9 mb) –Unbelievable what a contortionist can do with his body 

7        Riding the big waves(20 kb)  Analysis and video of riding a huge wave

8        Don’t try this with your car  (Link)  Enlarge to full screen.  Great driving skill

9        Man discovers black hole  (Link video)  and it traps him 

10   His Majesty The King‘s Guard Drill Show (Link Video 8 min) Enlarge to full screen

11   Suspend ‘Mark to Market’ accounting  Please read this article and consider contacting your Senators your Representative and the White house

12   Upcoming tax decisions (2.2 mb) informative information by Deloitte (Audit, tax, consulting and financial advisory services)


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