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October 9-14, 2008



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December 31, 2008



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News of Interest to Members and Pilots


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·         Of Interest to Pilots (16 kb) Articles of particular interest to pilots

Air and Space


1.     Douglas “Wrong Way” Corrigan (Link)  Are you old enough to remember this? 
     Enlarge to full screen

2.     Air Traffic around the world  (Link)  Watch the traffic for a 24 hour period (speeded up)

3.     The SR-71 Blackbird (16 kb) Text and video of the SR-71.  Different than previously shown

4.    First crash of B2 Bomber (Link) Includes video and analysis.  Enlarge to full screen

5.     Mid-air collision (22 kb) Narrative and photos.  Business jet vs Glider

6.     Cockpit photos (Power point slide show 2.0 mb) Spectacular photos.

7.     Sinatra and his Lear Jet N175FS (34 kb)  Text and photos of his story

8.     Cessna C-310 landing with collapsing nose gear  (Link)  Looks like they won’t even need to tear     
down the engines.  Enlarge to full screen

9.     Space Shuttle (PP Slides 3.9 mb)  Magnificent slides of Shuttle, Space Station and Earth

10.            5 Stearman planes in formation (single photo .525 kb) #181 Larry Dustman, #964 Billy Walker, 
386 Joe Sottile, #034 Terry Emig and the silver plane is Bob deFord’s

11.            A tour of Air Force 1  (Video link 11.43 minutes).  Excellent video. Enlarge to full screen

12.            Operational error (Link video)  Aircraft attempts take off with another plane still on runway

13.            Planes and more planes (PP Slides 7.5 mb)  Great slides.

14.            Construction of a Boeing 777 (Link)  See a Delta 777 built and take off in 4 minutes 10 seconds.
     This is a fast time elapsed sequence video of a Boeing 777 being assembled.

15.            1959 Air Show (Video 2.6 mb)  This may bring back some fond memories.  Full screen & sound

16.            Russian Antonov Jet  (16 kb plus Video)  World’s largest jet?

17.            Shuttle Piggy-back (141 kb)  This is a rarely seen photo

18.            Boeing 747 Landing. (Link Video)  View from the cockpit of landing on 28R at San Francisco

19.            Mosquito Bomber (7.9 mb) The Spruce Goose was not the only wooden aircraft.  View a video of
     the manufacture of the Mosquito Bomber.

20.            Never Again (25 kb) South Lake Tahoe, CA Airport and density altitude don’t mix

21.            Safety quiz (Link) Winter is here and Icing is a serious problem.

22.            Aircraft Accidents in Arizona (19 kb)  There were only two accidents in Arizona in November, 2008

23.            Silver Wings (Video slides)  Great photos of older planes accompanied by song “Silver Wings”

24.            Safety Foundation Database  (Link)  Search for accident reports by State and Dates

25.            Contrails (19 kb)  Contrails, wing-tip and wake turbulence

26.            Carrier crash (Video 5.9 mb)  Crash landing on a Carrier

27.            New two place plane (10 kb)  The new Pipestrel’s 100 hp 147 knot has a 17.1 glide ratio

Other Stuff

28.            How the Internet began (Link)  No, it did not begin with Al Gore

29.            Can you guess what this is?  (11 kb) It goes back to 1956

30.            Electric drag racer   (Link-video)  A Datsun sets world drag speed record.  11.8 seconds for quarter
     mile.  King of the quarter mile

31.            All the women we have loved (PP Slides 5.7 mb)  Then and now

32.            Why AARP sells insurance (video 3.5 mb)

33.            Police cars of the world (PP Slides 2.7 mb)

34.            1932 Helicron (PP Slides 1.5 mb)  Only one was built

35.            National Geographic Photos (Link) 35 of the best for 2008 with text

36.            Nazi Bunkers (18 kb) WWII buried bunkers found and exhumed

37.            Large Hadron Collider (Link)  Our understanding of the Universe is about to change.

38.            History of the Franklin Engine (Link)  Formed in 1893 .  Look at 1913 – 83.5 mpg

39.            Getting Old (PP slide show 6.0 mb)  How many do you recognize – “Now” and “Then”

40.            Holiday Ideas (PP slide show 2.0 mb) Wow! I think I will stay home.

41.            2008 Junior Championships (Video 6.0 mb)  Watch this incredible young girl handle a ball. 
     Held in March in Torino, Italy

42.            Incredible Carrier Model (13 kb)  5 ½ years and 4,300 hours.  And he is starting another one.

43.            100 Photos (PP Slides 4.1 mb)  The gruesome horror of war and the brave men who fight them
from the Civil War in 1862 to today.

44.            Current weather at Sun Lakes  (Link)  Up to the minute weather at Sun Lakes (Full information)
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Thanks to the following members and others who have
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Ray Bahret; Asenath Barker;
Dan Bott ; Earl Cuyler; Bob Earl; Gene Evans; Paul Glaser; Van Klompenberg’ Kevin Lynch; Home Mann;  Bill Myers;  Gale Nelson;  Doug Nelson;  Dick O’Brien;  Richard Peak; Elaine Raynor; Clif Rosch;  Capt Jim Theobald;  Harold Thomas; Ben Thompson; Don Tubbs; Gary Vacin;
Bob Walch

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