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January 31, 2009



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News of Interest to Members and Pilots


·        Newsletter for SLAC Members (103 kb)

·        Of Interest to Pilots (15 kb) Articles of particular interest to pilots

·        Minutes of the Chandler Airport Commission (pdf file)– November 12, 2008 meeting


Air and Space


1.     Jet Blue Airliner (Video 2.8 mb) Smooth landing with the nose gear cocked at a 90 degree angle.

2.     Flying Clipper Ships  (Link) Message to Pan Am ‘Philippine Clipper’.  JAPANESE ATTACKING PEARL HARBOR ... RETURN TO WAKE AT ONCE .   CLIPPER NEEDED FOR PATROL DUTY”.

3.     Russian jet SU30 (Video 5.0 mb) Maneuvering.  Remarkable

4.     Chance Voight Corsair F4U-4-(31 kb) The plane that Pappy Boyington flew .  The facts tell the whole story.

5.     Air vehicle 1 (12 kb) Northrop Grumman X-47B.  The newest unmanned vehicle

6.     Cool military photos (1)Cool military photos (2)Cool military photos (3)  (Links)

7.     Paragliding taken to the extreme (Video Link) Click to start video

8.     100 MPG (18.kb) A Rutan vari-EZ can get this remarkable efficiency.  The engine was modified with electronic ignition

9.     C17 Globemaster (Video 3.1mb) Video of a scale model Globemaster Radio Controlled model

10.            Six Pistons and four jets (Video 7 kb) A visit with the past.  The B-36

11.            C-130 Crash (PPS slides 2.0 mb) Crash of a C-130 in Iraq on June 27, 1008.  No injuries

12.            What’s that Beep? (Video 1.9 mb) Nice high, hot, fast landing yet extremely smooth descent
    wait  --  what's that beep beep beep thing

13.            Thunderbirds Video) Great flying skills, high speeds, good scenery and music

14.            NASA Balloon (13 kb) 22 million cubic foot balloon flying at 111,000 feet over Antartica

15.            Nellis Air Force Base air show (PP slides 3.6 mb) Excellent slides of exotic craft – Feb, 2008

16.            Learning to fly in the 1950’s (Link video YouTube) No headset, no check list, only $500????  And  
    look at that plane.
Video aircraft is a 1953 170B, N4627C and is still registered in Pullman, MI.

17.            Carrier Deck Shots (PP slides 4.0 mb)  Excellent slides of deck activity

18.            Kodiak production (PP slides 697 kb) Current production line photos and text

19.            Transport of a B-52 (8 kb) B-52 transported on the deck of a carrier

20.            B-17 over Long Beach (PP slides 2.7 mb) Great photos of a great plane

21.            British Carrier landings (Link video) One of the pilots has quite a problem getting down

22.            U.S. Airway Flight 1549 accident (PP slides 3.9 mb) The best slides I have seen on this accident

23.            U.S. Airway Flight 1549 accident (63 kb) A pilots observations about this accident

24.            U.S. Airway flight 1549 accident (38 kb) A passengers observations about this accident

25.            Another bird strike (PP slides 732 kb) Birds strike helicopter.  Keep you visor down!

Other Stuff

26.            Our 44 Presidents  (Link) From Washington to Obama.  Each morphing into the next.  To the music of Bolero by Ravel.

27.            U.S. Presidents (Link Text) Lists, records, ancestry, occupations, etc  (Includes vice presidents)
Note: We have had 5 presidents with African ancestry prior to Obama. Additional link

28.            Beautiful Quebec City (PP slides 5.6 mb) The capital of the province of Quebec, Canada

29.            6 year old singer (Link video) Hard to believe such talent in one so young.

30.            Sedona (Link) Lots and lots of information and beautiful photos of Sedona

31.            The Vietnam War (Link)  Everything, and we mean everything you want to know about the Vietnam War

32.            Bob Munden (Link Video) The fastest gun-slinger in the world.

33.            TAPS (11 kb) The story of TAPS and words to the song.

34.            Snow Slide (Video 3.9 mb)  We’re lucky we live in Arizona

35.            World War II (16 kb) Some interesting facts about WW II

36.            Magic exposed (Video 7.1 mb) Watch the magic show then see how it is done

37.            Ford Model T (Video U Tube) Watch this amazing assembly line produce the Ford cars.

38.            Strange cars (PP slides 612 kb) This is truly a strange group of automobiles

39.            Hot Rods (PP slides 4.7 mb) Memories of the Hot Rods

40.            Old America (PP slides 2.7 mb) Coal mining early in the 1900’s and one of the reasons for the formation of Unions.  Also slides on early American beauties.

41.            New M-60 (Video 4.4 mb)  850 rounds in one minute forty five seconds continuous.

42.            Italian motorcycle police (Video 6.7 mb) Skillful maneuvers in the 1950’s

43.            USS Nebraska (PP slides 6.6 mb) A tour of the nuclear sub on November 17, 2008 by BENS (Business Executives for National Security.

44.            What’s UP? (24 kb) Learn all about ‘UP’  It will surprise you

45.            The new Mercedes Benz (12 kb) Are you too old to drive this car?  Not if you are a pilot.

46.            Recent Washington State floods (PP slides 2.7 mb) Lots of devastation.

47.            Pakistani weapon trade (Link video) Scary

48.            Brick Laborers (Video 3.9 mb) The U.S. doesn’t have a clue when it comes to competition

49.            American Indians of the past (PP slides 2.5 mb) Interesting and educational

50.            Rotating Towers (PP slides 2.0 mb) Construction in Dubai and Moscow.  Interesting concept

51.            Vieilles voitures (PP slides 3.0 mb) Beautiful old cars (antiques)

52.            Inspiring story (10 kb) This story will touch you.  Very timely

53.            World’s largest combustion engine (PP slides 348 kb) Powers the largest super tankers.
Crankshaft weighs 300 tons.  Develops 90,000 HP  (This may be a repeat)

54.            Photos from 81 years ago (PP slides 5.1 mb) Nostalgia

55.            Enchanted Sedona (PP slides and text 3.0 mb)  Text and beautiful slides of Sedona, Arizona

56.            Cars of the 50’s and 60’s (Link slide show)  Those were the days.

57.            The Electric Uno Bike (Link) An 18 year old has invented a unique bike 

58.            Dogs and people (PP slides 1.5 mb) Some reflections about dogs by famous people

59.            RR Hot Box (PP slides 155 kb)  Rules should sometimes be ignored

60.            Chevrolet collection (322 kb) Every Chevrolet convertible built from 1912 to 1975 plus Corvette convertibles from 1953 to 19975

61.            Neat story (9 kb) Story about a seeing eye dog on an airliner

62.            Football touchdown ( Video 5.5 mb) The Cardinals could use this play tomorrow


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