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February 28, 2009



Pick and Choose the articles which may be of interest to you

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News of Interest to Members and Pilots


·        Newsletter for SLAC Members (44 kb)

·        Of Interest to Pilots (37 kb) Articles of particular interest to pilots

·        Minutes of the Chandler Airport Commission (pdf file 264 kb)–Jan 14, 2009 meeting


Air and Space


1.     1947 Cleveland Air Races  (Link slides) For all you Aviation History Buffs.  Here is one of the best running accounts of the Cleveland, Ohio Air Races

2.     F35 Strike Force Helmet (13 kb) Take a look at what this amazing new helmet does for the pilot

3.     Piper lands on RV (Video 3.2 mb) This is quite a feat

4.     Eye candy for aviators (PP slides 6.4 mb) Great photos

5.    Flight 1549 Ditching:

·         Computer Animated Video of Flight (Video)

·         Second guessing Sully (Link )  A study on Flight 1549 that ditched in the Hudson River

·         Another pilots opinion (Link) He states the computers were the fault of the Flight 1549 crash ditching

6.     Really rare old birds (Link photos)  You have probably not seen a number of these craft

7.     Skydiver in air death (Link  20 kb) Skydiver describes in-air death of instructor

8.     Cockpit views (Link) Click on the photos of 28 planes and view a photo of the cockpits

9.     Concorde (PP slides 2.1 mb) The Concorde’s last flight. Supersonic Jet airliner

10.            Laser Cannon (19 kb) Burn a hole in a tank from 5 miles away? Even from a plane

11.            Crosswind landing attempt (Video 3.6 mb) Lufthansa A230 landing aborted in Hamburg, Germany

12.            Plane ditchings  (Link photos and text) Many successful water landings by airliners.  The first photo
     is of a Boeing Stratocruiser which ditched in Puget Sound on 4/20/56. 


13.            A Genesis Workshop (Link) Five generations of Engineering Enterprise from the birthplace of  

14.            Category III landing (Link 1.0 mb) Look through the windshield during a Category III landing

15.            911 Flight Paths (7.5 kb) Amazing they were not intercepted 

16.            Beauxavions (Or next time take the train) (PP slides 5.0 mb) You don’t need to understand French
     to appreciate these slides.

17.            Inside the cockpit of the Airbus A380 (Link) The Airbus A380 is the largest passenger
     airliner in the world.  It seats 850.
Use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to navigate and   

18.            F-16 Radio Controlled Model (Video 5.9 mb) With after-burner

19.            Russian K7 Bomber/Passenger Plane (37 kb) Only one of this unusual plane was made in the early


Other Stuff

20.            Beautiful Arizona(Link slide show) Wonderful slides of the beauty of Arizona

21.            American Flag (PP slides 87 kb)  A flag that does not fly

22.            Old Cars (PP slides 5.0 mb) Great photos of cars from 1900 to 1939

23.            The ultimate chain saw (Video 1.6 mb) Chain saw for the Northwest

24.            Ships in storms (PP slides 3.0 mb) Why submarine service looks more attractive

25.            Pets (PP slides 941 kb) Great pet photos

26.            Botanical Gardens (PP slides 1.6 mb) Night photos taken by member Bob Earl

27.            Lynx (PP slides 1.2 mb) Photos taken in Canada

28.            The City of Hong Kong (Link single photo)  As daylight fades, the lights come on in Hong Kong. 
Put your mouse at the top of the photo and gradually bring it down to the bottom. It will show 
     you the time of day

29.            Our Gang Comedy (PP slides 205 kb) The tragic story of the group

30.            Technology (Video 4 mb) Which is faster, text messaging or the morse code.  Find out!

31.            Preikestolen (PP slides 2.9 mb) The Rock Pulpit.  In Norway

32.            My favorite philosophy (PP slides 3.6 mb)  Some philosophy amongst beautiful scenic photos.

33.            Who was Hayim Solomon? (PP slides 365 kb) An interesting bit of American history

34.            Jumbled words (5 kb) Amazing that you can read this

35.            Cuba (PP slides 5.0 mb) We seldom get to see photos of Cuba

36.            Golden Sting Rays (16 kb) Thousands of migrating Sting Rays

37.            Antoni Gaudi’ l Cornet (PP slides 4.8 mb) Reus 1852 – Barcelona 1926.  Spectacular Architecture

38.            Lenticular Clouds (PP slides 191 kb) (Beautiful but dangerous)

39.            Presidential Limos (PP slides 777 kb) Mostly Cads and Lincolns

40.            Norway (PP slides 3.8 mb) One of our contributors, Bruno Uptagrafft, has his roots there

41.            Jessica Cox (PP slides 503 kb) Jessica is the only licensed light plane pilot without arms

42.            Interesting photos (PP slides 5.6 mb) Some of these photos have been altered

43.            Antarctica (PP slides 6.6 mb) A beautiful continent

44.            Monaco and Princess Grace (PP slides 5.5 mb) Myriad of photos of Princess Grace and Monaco

45.            Milton Friedman (Video 5.2 mb) Milton in an interview talks about greed.  He was probably the
     greatest economist of all times.  This is being published because it does not appear to be
     political but instead is a great lesson in economics.  Every American should hear this and be

46.            Juggler (Video 4.6 mb) Fantastic juggler set to Beatles music

47.            Fantastic photos (PP slides 5.0 mb) Great stop action photos


Thanks to the following members and others who have
contributed articles, website links, videos and slides.

Ray Bahret; Asenath Barker;
Dan Bott ; Earl Cuyler; Bob Earl; Gene Evans; Gary Farrell; Paul Glaser; Van Klompenberg; Kevin Lynch; Homer Mann;  Bill Myers;  Gale Nelson;  Doug Nelson;  Dick O’Brien;  Richard Peak; Elaine Raynor; Clif Rosch;  Capt Jim Theobald;  Harold Thomas; Ben Thompson; Don Tubbs; Bruno Uptagrafft; Gary Vacin; Bob Walch.

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