Above, during the Cuban Missile Crisis aircraft from Fleet Air Wing,
11 squadrons flew round the clock surveillance flights of shipping
as part of the naval Blockade around Cuba.  Here, a VP-18 P2V-7
Neptune over-flies the Soviet cargo ship Okhotsk.
Photo taken from a sister plane

Click on: Details of the 1962 crisis including photos


SLAC Website  

March 31, 2009



Pick and Choose the articles which may be of interest to you

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News of Interest to Members and Pilots


·        Newsletter for SLAC Members (44 kb)

·        Of Interest to Pilots (45 kb)
Articles of particular interest to pilots

·        Chandler Airport Commission (209 Kb)
Minutes of the February 11, 2009 meeting



1.    Wright Brothers Flight Film (13 kb)
Filmed 100 years ago.  From the Austrian archives.  The Wright brothers demonstrating their plane in Italy in 1909.  A really old film.  Video access is at the end of the article

2.    Kodiak Plane (12 kb)
Delivery of the first Kodiak for mission work (at cost) under the Quest Mission Team Program

3.    Fed Ex MD-11 Crash (16 kb includes video)
Crash at Tokyo’s Narita International Airport on Tuesday March 23rd (Tokyo time)

4.    F-35 Fighter Plane   (Audio-video)
A test pilot tells all about the fifth generation fighter.  Enlarge to full screen

5.    Paragliding  (Audio-video)
Paragliding Dog mountain.  Enlarge to full screen

6.    A Snowbird in Hell (32 kb)  
A Snowbird pilot went to Afghanistan for a tour of duty

7.    Flight 1404 Crash (17 kb)
Continental crash in Denver December 21, 2008.  It is rumored that the crash was caused by the blowout of two of the left main tires

8.     The Boneyard At Tucson (9 kb)
A re-visit to this impressive site.  Photos and text about this interesting collection of planes

9.    The Blue Angels   (Link video)
Full throttle.  Take a ride with them in the back seat of an F18 Hornet

10.    Terminal Velocity (17 kb)
When airplanes and sky-divers collide

11.    Solomon Control Tower (15 kb)
USN Construction Battalions (Seabees) put these towers up in a day.  Plus: Twenty-five years ago, on Aug. 3, 1981, more than 12,000 members of the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization walked off the job, setting off a chain of events that would redefine labor relations in America

12.    Jet Engines (13 kb)  
Unlike a conventional turbofan, it uses a gearbox rather than a shaft between the fan and the
turbine.  Quieter and more fuel efficient

13.    911 Photos declassified (PP slides 4.6 mb)
Lest we forget

14.    Concorde Landing   (Link video)
Sit in the cockpit as the Concorde makes a landing in New York. Enlarge to full screen

15.    4 P51 Mustangs vs 4 M104’s (Link video)  A dozzie of an aerial dog-fight

16.    Landing on an Aircraft Carrier during severe weather - Part 1  (Link video)    
  Landing on an Aircraft Carrier during severe weather – Part 2
  (Link video)
Here are two absolutely outstanding videos about F-18 carrier operations aboard the USS Nimitz during weather that causes a severely pitching deck, which you can see in the videos. It's more dangerous than most combat missions and the tension in the pilots and crew is very apparent.

17.    F18 Cable Break (Video 1.8 mb)
This is why sailors who work on the flight deck get hazardous duty pay!  It is so easy to lose a leg or even your life when this happens.

18.    Time To Pay Attention To Preflight Briefings (9 kb) Better listen to the instructions.

19.    Everyone loves a Mustang (8 kb)
Almost a Mustang.  Here’s a chance to own and fly one affordably

20.    Sue Cirrus (15 kb)
Suit claims ballplayer’s presumed future earnings.  Probable cause: The pilot’s inadequate planning, judgment, and limited airmanship in the performance of a 180 degree turn maneuver inside of a limited turning space.

21.    Sue Cessna and Avidyne (10 kb)
Another pilot error suit against plane and component manufacturers

22.    Air Data Boom (7 kb)
Do you know what this is?

23.    Lindbergh Field (9 kb)
Make-over plan
calls for the construction of a new passenger terminal, parking garages and a multimodal transit center connecting the airfield to the city center

24.    Non licensed pilots to fly UAV’s (19 kb)
It takes seven people on the ground to fly one of these Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

25.    Soaring (11 kb)
Two numbers are used as a shorthand to describe sailplane performance - the minimum rate of descent and the maximum glide ratio or Lift over Drag (L/D). The best numbers are now under
100 FPM and over 70:1

26.    Radio Controlled Models (PP slides 2.0 mb)
Great photos of civilian and military model jet planes

27.    The Terrafugia – A flying auto  (Link video)
From two difference cameras – Test flight on March 9, 2009. News release 
Post first flight report

28.    Breaking the sound barrier   (link)  
From mach 1 to Mach 10.


29.    Tiger Woods (15 kb)
Tiger Wood’s speech at the Inauguration Sunday January 18, 2009

30.    Puzzle (Link)
This is interesting and will test you.  Send an email to vernvia@wbhsi.net and type: “Answer” for an explanation

31.    Bulgatti Veyron (PP slides 3.3 mb)
1001 HP.  Zero to 100 KPH (62.1 MPH) in 2.5 seconds.  Dan Bott – When is your delivery scheduled?

32.    Snow tractor (Link video)
Henry Ford invented this amazing snow and ice tractor. 

33.    Classic culvert failure (Link video 3.9 mb)
The power of water and why you never drive across a flooded street

34.    Bear Dance (video 7.4 kb) 
This bear is scratching to the sound of music

35.    For horse lovers (Link ) 
Beautiful photos of horses and many comments such as “If God made anything more beautiful than a horse, He kept if for himself” – Author Unknown

36.    789 Chevy (16 kb)
The 789 Chevy is not a classic Chevy yet. However, it is one cool car that looks like a blending of the 1957 Chevrolet, 1958 Chevrolet and 1959 Chevrolet classic designs

37.    Handy metric conversion tables (link)
Put this on you desktop.  You will find it very useful.  Need help putting on your desktop?

38.    Forwarding email 913 KB)
Suggestions from a System Administrator

39.    Africa (PP slides 5.2 mb)
Slides of Africa that you have probably not seen before

40.    Catch the moment (PP slides 3.5 mb)
Interesting moments caught on film

41.    Earth (PP slides 1.9 mb)
Great photos of the earth by the Astronauts.  Many of the photos are obviously not taken by an astronaut.

42.    Shanghai (PP slides 7.6 mb)
Well worth the wait to open.  We thought our country is progressive.  Take a look at what is going on in China

43.    The Ross Sisters (Link video)
Some of may remember the Ross Sisters who were popular in 1944.  Their act gets better as it progresses.

44.    Changing clothes (Video 5.8 mb)
This looks impossible

45.    Sailing (PPS slides 4.7 mb)
If you like sailing, you will enjoy these slides

46.    Solar flare on Friday March 13, 1989 (20 kb)
In the evening a cloud of solar plasma struck Earth’s magnetic field causing a blackout of the entire province of Quebec, Canada

47.    Golf Courses in Arizona Adjacent to an Airport (11 kb)
There are three courses adjacent to an airport runway in Arizona



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