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April 30, 2009



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News of Interest to Members and Pilots


·        Newsletter for SLAC Members (30 kb)

·        Of Interest to Pilots (43 kb)
Articles of particular interest to pilots

·        Minutes of the Chandler Airport Commission (pdf file 639kb)(Nanette Kahl)
March 11, 2009 meeting


1.    Hoverwing! (Video)
This video shows a VERY cool "ground effect vehicle" flight demonstration.   Kind of a cross between an airplane and a hovercraft

2.    The last fighter pilot has already been born (11 kb) (Dan Bott)
The X47B Unmanned Combat Aircraft

3.    Floatplane landing accident (9.0 kb) (Ben Thompson)
Happened in the movie “Mother Lode” starring Charleton Heston in 1982. Accident was included at the beginning of the movie

4. Seattle Paragliding   Tiger Mountain, Issaquah, Washington (Marc Chirico)
"FLY AWAY"  In memory of Ed Ferguson – Flight at Tiger Mountain
Parahawking in Nepal
Hawk Releases at Tiger Mountain  
Super Max Comedy  Swiss paragliding cult clip
Tropical Paragliding Picture Gallery  Rebel race in Tonga.  Click on the arrow key at the bottom right for a slide show.

5. Yikes –Toddler overboard (PP slides)
3 year old toddler opens the upper door on a Cessna 401 at 10,000 feet and is sucked out the door (fortunately he was pulled back in)

6. America’s first jet (20 kb)
The P-59 first flown in 1942 (Bruno Uptagrafft)

7. Go Navy (PP slides 3.6 mb) (Richard Peak)
The Carrier U.S.S. George Washington and the Lincoln battle group in action

8. Go Navy (2) (PP slides 2.9 mb) (Ben Thompson)
Some more great slides of our Navy in action

9. Timeline construction of the space station  (Link)
(Dan Bott, Homer Mann, Jim Parish and Dick O’Brien)
Gives a good idea of what the station really looks like

10.    Old School Aircraft (PP slides 5.0 mb) (Bill Barnes)
This is a repeat, however the photos of these old aircraft are fabulous

11.    Super Sport Cub (23 kb)
Although this is an advertisement you may want to see a new Cub in action with all the stats.
Click on “
SUPER SPORT CUB OVERVIEW VIDEO” at the end to view the video.

12.    X Country (15 kb)
65 year old pilot is flying her 1984 Maxair Drifter, a 320 pound Light Sport Aircraft, on a 7,200 mile round trip from Oregon to Florida

13.    Zeppelin startup struggles (13 kb)
Sightseeing flights over San Francisco are slow because the economy is sinking

14.    Dead at the controls (10 kb)
What a pilot always fears.  Flying in the right seat of a large plane with your family in the back, the pilot dies and you only have a Single Engine pilots license.

15.    Final saga of the Eclipse 500 (14 kb)
SLAC flew to Albuquerque twice to visit the Eclipse 500 Very Light Jet facility.  Now it is in chapter 7 bankruptcy.  Our members were very impressed, particularly with the stir-welding on the plane.

16.    Too tight a turn (22 kb)
The accident in New York that killed Yankee pitcher, Cory Lidle.  Analysis indicates the accident was avoidable

17.    Sunspot activity (22 kb) (Elton Dyal)
The eleven year sunspot activity is at the low cycle.  Scientists are not sure how it affects the Earth’s weather, however there was a period of low activity in the late 17th century that corresponds to a climatic period called “The Little Ice Age” when rivers that are normally ice free froze and snow fields remained year round at lower altitudes.

18.    American Airlines (Video 4.6 mb) (Gene Evans)
Landing at Tegucigalpa, Honduras.  What a place to build a runway (with cross-winds too)

19.    Doolittle Raiders Reunion (25 kb) (Tom Malthaner)
Thousands of people, young and old, gathered to honor five of the nine surviving Doolittle Raiders at the 67th Reunion in Columbia, S.C., April 16 to 18

20.    Unusual aircraft (PP slides 2.0 mb) (Dan Bott)
We are quite sure there are many you have not seen before.

21.    Be sure your aircraft is tied down and secure  (Link)
Storms damaged 22 aircraft in Ottawa, Canada.  Photos of damaged planes

22.    Bird-strikes at Chandler Airport (Link)
From Jan 1 1990 to Dec 31, 2008 – Reported strikes from the FAA Bird-strike database



23.    Astonishing video (Link video & text) (Bruno Uptagrafft)
The most gigantic model railroad in the world.  6.8 miles of HO track, and 10,000 train cars.  This Miniatur Wunderland is in Hamburg, Germany,   More details

24.    Newspapers headlines of the world (Link) (Bruno Uptagrafft)
Read any newspaper.  Click on the World area (USA, North America, etc), Click and drag the map (or use the arrow keys to locate the area you want), Click on the orange dots to locate the newspaper you want, click on “Web site” in the upper right to view other pages.

25.    Seattle growth (Video 10.5 mb Large) (Bob Earl)
View Downtown Seattle grow since 1958

26.    Woodies Car Collection (PPS 1.2mb) (Eugene Evans)
Many of you will remember these old cars

27.    Open baggage (Video 4.7 mb) (Eugene Evans)
Watch how simple it is for a thief to open your baggage, steal something and close it without your suspecting anything

28.    Lunch on the skyscrapers (PP slides 4.5 mb) (Bruno Uptagrafft)
High iron workers in New York in the early 1930’s

29.    Tirol, Italy/Austria (PP slides 3.7 mb) (Bruno Uptagrafft)
Beautiful slides of the countryside (Tyrol)

30.    Snow rollers (Link) (Bob Earl)
Unusual snow rollers on the Camas Prairie in Idaho

31.    Finland in the winter time (PP slides 2.7 mb)(Jim Parish)

32.    Street artist (10 kb) (Jim Parish)
2D that looks like 3D.  Paintings on the roadway

33.    Roller coaster (12 kb) (Jim Parish)
Take a trip to Sandusky, Ohio and ride this monster

34.    Calving Glacier (Video 6.7 mb) (Bruno Uptagraftt)
Standing too close to one can be detrimental to your health

35.    Taps (Video 5.0 mb) (Richard Peak)
To hear this final farewell, by a small child, to the lost soldiers and not choke up is very difficult
The conductor of the orchestra is from Austria Andre Rieu.   His programs are wonderful and this girl makes your hair stand on end.


36.    Mount Redoubt Eruption (134 kb) (Jim Parish)
Beginning March 22nd, 2009, Alaska's Mount Redoubt, began a series of volcanic eruptions, and continues to be active to this date

37.    The Thousand Islands (PP slide show 32. mb) (Bruno Uptagraftt)
These are a chain of islands that straddle the U.S.-Canadian border in the Saint Lawrence River as it emerges from Lake Ontario.

38.    2009 Inauguration (6 kb) (Gene Evans, Jim Parish)
This photo is of the crowd.  You can zoom in to see the photo of each person in extraordinary detail

39.    Sistine Chapel (Link) (Bruno Uptagraftt)
Up close and personal 

40.    Fairbanks Ice Festival (Link) (Richard Peak)
Great ice sculptures

41.    Sand Sculpture  (Link) (Jim Parish)
On Prince Edward Island, Canada.  Click on photos for enlargement

42.    Just when you thought all the good ideas were taken  (Link) (Jim Parish)

43.    A glimpse of the future (Link) (Richard Peak)
Sony played this video at their executive conference this year.

44.    Cougar vs Bear Cub  (Link Video) (Bruno Uptagraftt)
This has a happy ending

45.    Breaching Humpback Whale (15 kb) (Bruno Uptagraftt)
Photo by the son of a friend of Bruno’s who works in the laying of undersea cable.

46.    Response to a telemarketer (Link video 3.7 mb)
This is a comical response to a telemarketer


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